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The Times have reported that Samantha Orobator, the Nigerian girl from London, has been given a life sentence for alledgely smuggling drugs 680grams of heroin into the country.

Samantha in custody at her trial this week

Samantha in custody at her trial this week

 Excerpt from The Times:

Survivors of Phanthong prison, where Orobator has been held since August, recently described the horrors of incarceration in the notorious jail where malnutrition, disease, abuse and torture are part of everyday life.

More description of the horrors that lie ahead

Kay Danes, an Australian who survived ten months in the same cell block where Ms Orobator is being held, said: “If she goes into early labour or starts miscarrying, nobody will come however much she screams,” she said.

“I’ve heard all the prisoners yelling at the top of their lungs, shouting for the guards when one of the inmates was dying, and nobody comes. Nobody ever comes.”

Samantha Orobator is due to give birth in October. There is a possibility that she may be extradited to the UK to serve out her sentence.

Edit @ 13.20PM: The Guardian is reporting that if moved to the UK for the case, she may be eligible to be out in a few years as it is her first offence and the defence of duress may apply.

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