1. TheLoop21.com and the Magic Johnson Foundation have teamed up for an online AIDS awareness campaign this summer called Stop Black AIDS. Visit the site to get involved and participate in online discussions, read enlightening and thought-provoking articles (I found “the racial politics of AIDS” very informative), get their logo for your blog and sign the petition to lobby Congress to do more to address this crisis within the African-American community.  
  2. This story of UN troops killing mourners at a funeral in Haiti, got little or no mainstream news or media coverage that I saw and I’m a news junkie.  
  3. BBC news report that according to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), 1 billion people worldwide suffer from hunger, while developed countries are now richer than ever. Read more on the FAO website
  4. A couple of articles from STRATFOR on the Iranian election crisis: Western Misconceptions Meet Iranian Reality and The Iranian Election and the Revolution Test.
  5. I needed to add this and you need to read this! From The World of Ensayn Reality: How to overcome H1N1 or Swine Flu: man made weapon or not!    
  6. A thought-provoking post over at Muslim Bushido: An Open Letter To African-American Women Who PUBLICLY State That They Would Never Date/Marry Outside The Race