I love this country. I really love living in Canada. I also really love living in Ottawa, the capital, which is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Today on July 1st, we celebrate Canada Day, the 142nd year of confederation. Canadian history and society is by no means perfect. It has had it’s own troubled past and it’s share of controversy, but today we enjoy relative peace, prosperity and security. We have universal health care, affordable post secondary education for everyone, access to social services when needed and low crime rates… even in our urban centers when compared to other cities anywhere in the world. We have two official languages including a vibrant french culture in Quebec, we recognize gay marriages, we’re supportive of immigration, encourage multi-culturalism and our political parties are not as polarizing as those to the south of our border.    

Ottawa is a magnificent city. It’s museums and galleries are second to none. We have a variety of festivals year round, celebrating English, French and other various cultures. Since we had our “little man”, I have come to appreciate the numerous and various city services that cater to children and youth… and most are for free!! 

I love biking along the numerous paths and along the river in summer. Although the winters are fierce with cold temparatures (Ottawa is the coldest capital in the world) and lots of snow, I enjoy the Winterlude Festival in February with the ice sculptures, skating on the frozen Rideau canal, sipping hot chocolate and eating beaver tails with maple syrup. Visiting Gatineau Park in the fall and seeing the numerous colours of the changing leaves is breath-taking. It is also 2 hours from Montreal and 4 hours from Toronto.

I have been blessed to visit various countries in different parts of the world and I would not want to live anywhere else. Granted, my heart will always belong to Jamaica, the country of my parents birth and where I spent my formative years. (A number of years ago I had seriously considered moving back there… however I’m glad I didn’t!) The Queen and I are planning to retire in the Caribbean, probably on one of the British Virgin Islands, as long as there is internet access and satellite t.v. so I can get my Raider games…lol!

Today I will give God an extra special thanks for Canada and acknowledge how blessed my family and I are to live here.