WTF is this shit now?

I came back from a job interview yesterday and I was on my way to Tesco. I must say, I was hobbling along because I wore silly shoes, with a big hard wedge on them.

Two young black boys walked past me and one trailed behind the other like an ant. The one at the front said to me, in my face:

“Have you been having too much sex?

If my feet didn’t cane so much, I would have taken my wedges off and trust me, the police would have been there. Why in the earth is that acceptable behaviour ?

Yes, I was hobbling along because my feet HURT! Any person walking on the road can see that when a woman has been walking in heels for a while, she walks slower because them things hurt! I don’t have my Beyonce attitude nailed down yet.

It’s no big deal, but again it goes back to the whole idea of the easy street harassment of black women by black men.

Where are these boys’ fathers to teach them it is not acceptable to verbally attack women like that? The assumption of his question to me was that I was hobbling along because I am a whore.


I would like to hear from sisters and brothers about why in the name this is continuing to happen.