Greetings Brothas and Sistas,

This is an extremely important message. There is no way on earth African-Americans should continue to admire, appreciate or have faith in Obama for change. As intelligent people who have pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps to outgrow physical dynamics of slavery and segregation. It is time for blacks all over Africa, Haiti and America to evaluate what this nigga has done.

Obama has caused great harm to blacks by following orders from those who hate blacks, including avoiding the Racism Conference, dissing Black Farmers and his latest F-up telling blacks to stop blaming slavery and colonialism for our demise. If you are mad at me for writing this message my mission is accomplished. We can not afford to let Obama continue to treat us as though he is some master appointed, under cover skull and bones slave driver, without confronting his madness. If you don’t believe me please check his decisions and policies towards blacks for his first 100-200 days. No one can  argue these points. The BS is clear in his stimulus packages. Now he wants to give Indians a stimulus package and blacks the middle finger.

It is truly time for African-Americans to take the lead against racism and moving towards a black united front including a power base to pursue reparations. Obama and the current administration have proven they do not care about the on-going atrocities following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, the alarming high death rates due to Aids and the growing problem of drugs in our communities. These are just a few cases that deserve immediate attention! African-Americans need to embrace a plan that will enable us to form a power base to let Obama know we do not appreciate him abusing us like past presidents, and to address crucial issues and fight for reparations!!

Standing for Truth and Reconciliation,
Brotha Pruitt
Reparations Leader and Chairman
Committee for African-American Reparations (CAAR) CA
Reparations Union Lobbying Association (RULA) NC