Commentary for submission by Brother Pruitt. 

Greetings Family,

As the reparations conversation and claim seems to have lost ground since Obama came to office, the time has come for the masses of Black people to come together to make a mighty demand for reparations! This call can not come from any group or individual currently in the reparations arena. The masses of blacks need to form a power base that should include reparations groups and activists, but we need to have a new group of Indigenous African-Americans working as the leading group pushing for reparations.

There are a number of reasons that brings us to the conclusion that says N’COBRA needs another group to work not over, or under, but side by side, as the leading groups pushing for Indigenous African-American Reparations. We are proposing the RULA become that group based on our two position papers, The Five Phase Plan and the Reparations Proclamation. Please read both docs and respond asap. You can get these docs by replying to this email, and simply requesting both rep docs in the body of the reply.

We will talk about Indigenous African-American Reparations every Wednesday at 6 PM EST, beginning next week 11-4-09. Yes November is Reparations Education Month. You can join us at to post and answer blogs or call in at 347-850-8160 to listen and share your thoughts. If you go to the site you can listen to 3 previous shows to get an idea of reparations and the strategy our people can use to win reparations. Reparations should be taught and understood as a healing source for the races not a divisive issue. I am going to make sure this change occurs.

The program is only for one hour so please make questions and comments accordingly. We will spend most of the time talking about the need to initiate national Racism and Reparations Conferences to ease racial tensions and facilitate racial harmony. And advantages of using the Five Phase Plan and the Reparations Proclamation so that blacks, whites and jews can work together, to help repair damage done to descendants of slaves.

Brotha Pruitt
Reparations Leader and Chairman
Committee for African-American Reparations (CAAR) CA
Reparations Union Lobbying Association (RULA) NC
In memory of our Ancestors