“The repeated calamities that befall Haiti prompt me to propose a radical solution — to take measures to create somewhere in Africa… the conditions for Haitians to return,” Senegal’s president Abdoulaye Wade told France Info radio today. 

He is offering Haitians who want to return to their original homeland housing, a plot of land or a region of the country, depending on how many accept his offer.

“They did not choose to go to that island,” he said referring to the mass deportation of African slaves to Haiti, some most likely from Senegal, both former French colonies. “It is our duty to recognise their right to come back to the land of their ancestors.”

This is an excellent and timely idea. I doubt that it will gain any support from the international community though, who have so much invested in Haiti, especially the U.N., aid organizations and ngos. However it’s better than going through this again:

Photo from Tafari’s Mindspill.