The more I live in London, the more I am interested in the what I call the ‘co-development’ of African & Caribbean people. Here are a few ideas I wrote the other day about how African & Caribbean co-development could work.

1) Greater efforts to understand both of our cultures: I think the Afro-Sphere helps to support this because through an online media, people of African & African-Caribbean descent can work together to understand where we are headed together. If an African person does well, it is equally a victory for a Caribbean person and vice versa.

2) Encouraging each other’s work: I have another blog now about careers in communications in the UK. I stumbled across a blog by a Karel McIntosh called Caribbean Public Relations. I have linked to her work on my personal blog and my careers website because I believe in what she is doing and because I think we have to support each others work when it is great.

3) Brainstorming ideas on how we can further each other: This is the part where it gets tricky. It could be through volunteer work at black community centres. One thing I definitely want to do once I have my life settled is to do some mentoring for African & Caribbean young people in London at some point.

Eventually, I do want to work really hard at realising my vision of African-Caribbean Co-Development and this means going back to Africa or Caribbean for sure which I am aiming to do soon.