Black folks can’t afford to buy into phony paradigms – but we buy them by the carton just the same.

I was reading a congratulatory blog post here on the ‘Spear, by a member of the Project 21 Group, re. the recent Massachusetts Senate election. One white Republican candidate “upset” a white Democratic candidate endorsed by President Barack “Goldmund Sachs” Obama. Conservative values won the day, drove a stake through the evil liberal administration’s heart according to this commentator’s observation.

Having been screwed by both Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives and Tories since the slaveship…how in the hell can we split hairs between political parties that are both controlled by fat cats with greenbacks and whose party platform can be summed up in the old saying:

“Our pockets are so phat, they look like they got the mumps – and getting fatter, bitches!”

Well, what about your pockets, black ideologue?! And what about the pockets and pantries of the black masses? What is the medicine prescribed by these white paragons of free market strychnine for the ills of our people – a heaping teaspoon full of black capitalism, the golden-gilded market – Jesus?? That’s helped bunches, hasn’t it; took us from the plantation South to the ghetto-fied North…Up, up and away.

Its beautiful that you believe in “Conservative values”, but across the board, a hand me down religion?? You think that touting your squalidly self-righteous, religio-political voodoo on “Life,” forcing your bland,  koolaid down everyone else’s gullet when your white Nazi  brethren have committed more live homicide than Hitler…whose life are we fussin’ about?  And is your Liberal Stepinfetchit routine during each election cycle, groveling before the (faux) liberal Clintonian-fucks who poop a little pork into your saucer a recipe for  “real change??????”

There is the reality of CNN and Fox and the NY Times and the Post – that you believe in like porridge served on a tray by a friendly bear as you lay in bed in your intellectual jammies – and then there is “REALITY!!!” This reality is the reality of overthrown governments, political assassinations, toxic weapons, torture training programs, rape, pillage and genocide – all presided over by both parties and men and women of all political persuasions – in these United States of America.

You doubt the word of your Negro narrator?! Well, the great Dr. Martin Luther King of April 4th, 1967 knew what I mean. That’s why they killed him one year to the day later. The greatest purveyor of violence in the world today, according to MLK in 1968 – was the United States of America. And in 2010? WE’RE NUMBER ONE!!!

We are still the world leader in violence: violence at home, violence abroad, retail and wholesale violence, as Noam Chomsky likes to say. The violence that we perpetrate is “so wide, you can’t get around it, so low you can’t get under it, so high you can’t get over it.” We make it and we sell it, violence. Guns, bombs, missiles, tanks, bazookas, grenades. We proudly sell more than anyone else – and wonder why the world is in flames, why flesh is on fire the world over.

But the black ideologue is bewitched by rhetoric, a true believer in Madison, Jefferson, Franklin, suckered by flesh peddlers, by what is said by their iconic leash holders, rather than by what these devils did and still do. “My country ’tis of thee, sweet land of slavery…” OUR Bill Rights (that didn’t even apply to us ), shredded by the Patriot Act — “but I’m gon’ believe it anyway, Massa, cuz believin’ is all I gots, its what I’s held onto when them chariot wheels weren’t nowheres ta be found.”

The world that we live in today, according to Morpheus, is the world pulled over your and my black, bloodshot eyes. We live on a prison planet and the Head Warden in Charge is a Blackchurian candidate, a Trojan Horse, a palliative, a crack hit, a nether man. He done put ya’ll to sleep with his smooth gait and his slick gift for gab. Novocaine on two legs.

Neither major political party in the US offers truth or justice, offers a program of real change: except from your hand to theirs. But its not real, structural, economic change that you want; its the cosmetic, paint job, the conference room table in Tower 1, its the political conk that you’re after, that you’ll settle for.

We get 30,000 more troops in a noxious war against the impoverished people of Afghanistan – billions of dollars are stolen from us, from our grandchildren and airmailed to Iraq, Pakistan and to defense contractors and Wall Street bigwigs. And still we rise…like bloated corpses on the Mississippi.

There’s just the slightest difference between the two criminal co-conspirators that you pledge your allegiance to like a virginal intellectual neophyte. The choice between a pedophile and a serial rapist, at best. In the end you, or someone you love, gets fucked.

I can’t understand the kind of cataracts that allow Kneegroes to pick up Democratic or Republican pom-poms and shake their distended groove things to the sound of “Taps”. Or, identify with the false dichotomies of conservative-liberal-nationalist-assimilationist-ad infinitum.

YOU black man/black woman, are a member of the global oppressed, the non-white, Kentucky-fried, nigga-tried rabble that Washington-London-Paris and the other European capitals and capitalists feel comfortable raping out of their natural resources and their right minds. And brainwashing them/you/us into good little placard waving stooges.

STOP      STOP        STOP       STOP        STOP         STOP

STOP looking to the hand me down party that enslaves you – to save you!

Look to yourself and others in the same boat as you.

We need a poor people’s campaign – like Dr. King Proposed42 years ago – a campaign with an invitation to Americans of every shade and every hue with one mission: to make America America…or die trying.