Now hear THIS: Black people, in a precedent setting move, have been ruled “legal recipients of lead with white- faced impunity” by the beige, badge-wearing Portland (Oregon) Police Bureau and a Grand Jury of their epidermis.  The decision came after black Aaron Campbell, grief stricken by the death of his younger brother of heart failure earlier in the day – was fed a rifle diet by one Officer-Decidedly-Un-Friendly.

Information in the hands of the Po-Po at the time of the incident indicated that the PD was aware of the suicidal mental state of the Negro who, panicked and “allegedly” took two family members hostage.

Now check this: the pig’s were fully briefed on the circumstances of the “incident” at the young brother’s apartment. Yes, he took hostages for a minute; but through phone calls and texts, he indicated with great passion that he would NOT do harm to his family members. And then he released his kinfolk

The brother had a criminal record – so I’m told – making what happened next all the more justifiable in the blue eyes reading and commenting about it on the ‘Net….and looking through the rifle scope.

Black existential angst does not play in Peoria or Portland.

The P0-Po gets to the apartment complex, they get the brother to back out into the street with his hands up; evidently, he had his hands on his neck rather than above his head. This discrepancy – hands on the neck rather than in the air – was grounds to label Campbell “non-compliant” and the pigs indicated this by shooting him with” six (6) non-lethal/prelude to the lethal” bean bags full of hard pellets.

And what does Mr. Campbell do???? He drops his hands – in pain – to the area where he has been struck. And lo and behold, one officer dreams that Mr. Campbell is reaching for a concealed weapon and is preparing a nigga jihad on his white azz.

It was an ahistorical moment…One Round-One Small Step for the white man-One Giant Leap-into the Back of the frightened, depressed, unjustifiably stoopid negro, stoopid because he should have known this, known that his short life was a foregone conclusion, understood that his violent death was written – in the stars and in the by-laws of a vicious racist, beige world, should have guessed that Black-I-Cide is legal tender in Portland…and that the mint is working overtime…

…To make sure he was good and dead, the police would not allow medical personnel to approach the fatally wounded nigger – for thirty minutes…but a Grand Jury, while critical (CYA), indicted NO ONE!!

The diseased weasels of this port town are pouring out of the woodwork, saluting the police for a job well done, another mousetrap snapped shut, another pest snuffed, tossed in a bag and trash compacted and buried in the nigga dump.

And Negro Portland – because the ’60’s never made it to this pious Mayberry – is so used to the dance.  Oh, there was the guilt dripping, solemn protest march in the aftermath of the legalized homicide. And there was the usual, ineffectual hambone on the steps of City Hall, this masquerade, with measured, archaic dance steps, pretty, musty bouquets dredged from the mothball for just these occasions. And finally, the pantomimed finger pointing, pompous speechifying signifying absolutely nothin’!!! Presumably, a celebratory chicken dinner followed the brave undertaking

But where were the preachers and preachettes in their Sunday best before, before-before, before the shots rang out, before the children were lost, unparented, unguided missiles picked off one by one by the best military money can buy????

Where was the rallying of the community way back then, where was the community> I say: what community????

Is there a black community, or are there just black people who reside here, there and everywhere, huddling in their little cliques that pimp each other and themselves out, parasites who feed off of the white tit, pretending to be relevant, pretending to seek honor or justice or a piece of the pie for us, when it is their party, their cotillion, their sham-of-a-loaf that they seek to butter?

Naw, there is no black community here, just GDI’s, God Dammed Individuals who have no time for you, not even to speak to your strange black azz…until its full of lead and then its too late for community to do shit for you except throw a little dirt and kick up some dust…to make them think they’ve done something…

RIP Aaron Campbell. You deserved better that what we’ve given you.