Let me share this comment by Ana to my post on Black History

Not loving ourselves enough, recognizing, respecting and appreciating our differences have been the detriment of African people. God loved us so much that African people were the first to attained every type of knowledge including the spiritual one but Africans were also the ones to squander them foolishly .

We do not have to go back into history to see that it was very easy for one tribe as a result of warfare after acquiring captives (spoils of war) to sell them off to outsiders(Arabs and Europeans). There tribalism presented its biggest sting. African Muslisms had no qualms helping Arab Muslisms capture their fellow non-Muslim African. The very Arabs came back for them. Even today, tribalism is still a big issue on the continent.

If Europeans can overcome tribalism and create the European Union, then African people can learn something worthwhile from them. The Chinese although an ancient people, scattered in a vast region, not having any kind of political national unity in the early days, never allowed themselves to be bamboozled and fall prey to outsiders.

I scoff at all those black people who believe that Pan Africanism is only about having black skin and wearing a natural hairstsyle. Right now there is a cultural movement in places like Argentina and Uruguay to ressurrect African culture and many of those involved are not even black, but they represent a better example of blackness than many of the black people I have met here in these United States.

I look for customs,agendas, beliefs and traditions that exhalt black people regardless of color. If I do not see anything exhalting or uplifting , I do not care how black that person is and what they are saying.

There are some truths that most be digested:

Culture, education and acquiring vast knowledge of practically everything, especially that of African people are very important.

People of African descent are not a monolith.

No particular group of black people in the Diaspora is blacker than the other.

Black people speak many different languages and come in many different skin shades.

Skin color does not mean much when you have within families people of different hues.

Black boys must be taught to respect black girls/women and vice versa.

If we teach our children to love, respect and appreciate their cultural groups, most of their problems will disappear.

I will hate to believe that when the ancestors walked the gangplank of that particular area of no return, that, in itself represented the entire rupture and breakaway of selves and an illustration of what we see today in many people of African descent throught the entire world.