David Mills, known within the AfroSphere as Undercover Black Man, died yesterday of an apparent brain aneurysm at the age of 48. He collapsed on the set of the upcoming HBO drama series Treme, about post Katrina New Orleans, set to air starting April 11th. He was a writer and executive producer on the show. He had previously written for such televison dramas as The Wire, NYPD Blue, Homocide, ER and The Corner (for which he won 2 primetime Emmys), and was the creator and executive producer for a shortlived NBC drama called Kingpin

I had occasionally read his articles on his blog, but I had no knowledge that he was such an accomplished and successful writer. I had no idea who he was beyond his moniker. I found his posts entertaining due to his blend of a unique perspective on issues with a “warped” sense of humour. If you have never read his stuff before, take some time and visit his blog. Here is an article on his life from theRoot. He will certainly be missed.

May God bring comfort to his family during their time of grief.