I found this post by Eddie Griffin a very thought-provoking take on the Erykah Badu nude music video controversy.


She left nothing to the imagination, but much to be desired. She is neither cute, nor as fine as she thinks herself to be. Ms. Erykah Badu is vain in her imagination, if she thinks her physique looks better than a degusting 46-year old Wanda Sykes. They are both undesirable, except to the basest of men.

To bear it all before the eyes of children is to destroy their innocence. The secret parts of the body are not secret any more. The unknown becomes an ugly hairy looking thing. Uch!

Damn me once, damn me, twice, the idiot Wanda Sykes follows suit, only to get as far as pulling off her pants, and exposing her panties. Mama, why don’t boys wear panties?

It was the second act, Wanda Sykes stripping on the streets, that made me realize: If Erykah Badu can do it and Wanda Sykes can do it, then any woman in America can strip down to their birthday suit. Then if women are so “free” spirited, then why not men, stripping down to their ding thing in front of your 5-year old daughter?

What difference is there between Chester the Molester and Erykah Badu?

The author of this communiqué is the same Eddie Griffin who heckled and booed D.L. Hughley performance at Fort Worth Bass Hall in 2007. The fight against this black comedian was over the issue of MISOGYNY, calling black women “bitches” and “whores”.

Now we got one, acting just like one. This is not art. This is pornography in the flesh… as pornographic as filming a gang rape, set to music, and calling it Art.

With the conspiracy to distribute this live pornography, across internet line, we have a federal offense, punishable by some years in prison. This is how you cut off evil in the land, by exercising the law to protect the innocent, especially the innocence of our children.