Thanks to Désiré Katihabwa for forwarding this piece.

The postcolonial partition of Africa evolves. The partition is between newly arrived Arab Muslim extremists, Eurocentric supporters of earlier genocide/pogroms and those who want to survive at any price even though security is not for sale.

Some obvious examples of Arab extremists, such as Libya, Sudan, Iran and Saudi Arabia support the idea that Africa will be Islamic. An abundance of funding for Islamic militias is well developed. As a result, impoverished countries such as Burundi, the Congo, Chad, Ethiopia, and Sudan, are now progressively pushed by well-funded oil rich countries into chaos.

Libya, celebrates terrorism by giving the highest honors to the only person convicted and ceremoniously freed in the Lockerbie massacre. Libya sponsors terrorism against the people of Chad, another prospectively oil rich Country. The west barely notices but that may be an overstatement.

People of Darfur, have fortunes raised on their behalf to criticize and scandalize the militias that kill them. But not a dollar has been passed on for military related support to help the Christians and animists defend themselves. President Museveni of Uganda, who could provide the correct kind of aid to the Darfur forces, gets no encouragement or support.

The West, most specifically the United States, never misses an opportunity to do nothing and say everything. Those who listen hear their ante-mortem eulogy. Darfur has become the gold standard of malignant neglect. Warren Christopher and Madeline Albright may be gone but their successful evasive contempt for the weak is not forgotten.

The most pressing crisis is in Burundi. Numerous youthful Hutu militias have been trained, often in the Sudan, funded, indoctrinated and taught to kill Tutsi at a whim. Usually this occurs at night in the guise of ordinary thieves. The UN and EU spend a fortune on upcoming elections. Preparations are made in full view of ubiquitous, vicious, murdering militias. Militia swagger and self-confidence is overt, celebrated, and encouraged. Tutsi are told that they will die much in the matter that Dellaire has described. There is no rule of law and no one claims to the contrary. But, in the middle of all this, there are extremely well funded election plans that create a fig leaf to all the conditions that make elections an excuse to rape, rob, murder and propel anarchy.

Those who believe in the law and the rule of law do not have political, economic, technological or logistical support. They have no militia! What alternative?

There is no threat of full swift and unforgiving justice. Nearby military power will not challenge Warren/Albright precedents. Impedance of genocide can only be delivered if those destined to die also have the power to resist. The right to self-defense is the first of all human rights.

This is hardly a Tutsi problem. The west needs to prevent genocide no less than the victims. Terror emboldened means more Lockerbie, more twin towers, more subway bombers and more prideful terror against any one, anywhere. Anyone soon becomes everyone. Everywhere becomes the twin towers and similar spectaculars. Appeasement becomes surrender. Lockerbie is our Dunkirk self-inflicted by financial greed.

The US, Brittan Israel would be the most able and likely to respond but they were thrust into the blame game in the middle of the race to oblivion. Other European states long before have become spectators of the race.

Europe was saved by the Marshall plan and military might. The formula for world order is unchanged. The needs are no pressing and call to reality is no less commanding. Now, the commanders are missing.