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In a recent interview with the New York Post, Actor/Comedian Tracy Morgan stated:

“I’m glad I dropped out of high school, man. I wouldn’t be where I’m at. I would have had a net. I’m glad I didn’t have anything to fall back on, man, because that made me go for my dreams that much harder.”

OK, while this move may have worked for Tracy Morgan, it will not work for 94.87% (I made this up but it sounds about right) Black men.

Considering Black male unemployment is around 17% compared to white males at 9.5% coupled with the fact that approximately 100,000 Black males drop out of high school every year (1), I’m calling Tracy out as an asshole for his misguided statement.

Ronald Mincy, a professor of social policy at Columbia University previously noted, “a Black male in his late 20s without a high school diploma is more likely to be in jail than to be working. (2)”

WTF Tracy! Sure, you are discussing your truth but the response overall is irresponsible, idiotic & totally not an example of excellence!

Hmmm, maybe I’m just being sensitive. He is a comedian who coons for a living no I won’t go there.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program!

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