In the days since Michael Jackson passed, I have been thinking alot about his genius. He was a fantastic dancer and had an unmistakable and beautiful singing voice. I have enjoyed his talent since the beginning. I’m an old school fan having listened to “ABC” and the rest. He was also the greatest performer alive. He put so much of himself into all that he did on the stage, and the world loved him for it.

He was also great on the “stage” in productions like “The Wiz” and in all of his videos, which were all fantastic productions in themselves. It was easy for us to see just how much he loved his craft and how much he loved us and loved performing for us. He has said that he felt more at ease on the stage for his fans than anywhere.

In my thoughts about Michael, I think of being “poured out” like a drink offering that’s spoken of by the Apostle Paul. As far as I know, Michael was a Jehovah’s Witness, but when I look at how he poured all of himself into performing with the gifts that God gave him, I can only conclude that he lived his life fully and did what he was sent to do. None of us is perfect and can never be. We all have sin in our lives–Jesus told us so, and He came to redeem us from sin.

Michael had a lot of self inflicted torments, and many more that were inflicted on him by evil, self-absorbed people, and we all were able to see the manifestation of all his troubles in more ways than one in his life. His pain was very visible to us. Yet if one asks if his talent was God’s gift to the world, we have to say yes, because the world loves him. And if we ask if he used the gifts that God gave him, then we again must say yes!

To me, Michael is a great example of the sacrificed life to the glory of God! He blessed many people in the assignment God gave to him to do. That is what we are all supposed to do with the gift/assignment that God gives us. I believe God is well pleased with Michael.
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