This is none than African Union (AU) Chief Jean Ping. This gentleman originates from Gabon, the country that suffered a great deal more thanks to be manned and ruined by one dictator, that was succeeded by his son after his death. Thus, he’s suffering from this experience of being timid and an instrument of the dictatorship.

I firstly reprimanded Mr Ping in January this year when he equated South Sudanese freedom with sitting on a powder keg. Many sane people thought the AU would shut up, put up or pack up after it openly supported Sudanese strongman Omar Bashir when, on 04 March 2009, The International Criminal Court ( ICC) issued an arrest warrant in conjunction with the genocide he committed in Darfur. So too many thought the same would at least feel ignominy thanks to keeping mum for good twenty-one years as Bashir felled thousands of innocent people in South Sudan not to mention his apartheid system of discrimination against them.

No doubt. Mr Ping must have the courage of the mad to cry such hooey of such proportions. How can he add salt to the injury caused by Bashir for long while his outfit took a pew aside and laughed and still take himself as doing the right thing? Is this fair really?

If this puerile way of thinking is the typical replica of the mindset we have, then “cry for Africa”. It is even sad to note that such cheap and dangerous propaganda are promulgated by such organ that has always been a let down for Africa. AU is always hellbent to mercilessly shoot down or zap the desire for South Sudan to realize her autonomy and honour. AU that has nary united any part of Africa should however nary worry. For the new nation of South Sudan is welcome to the bubbly East African community where it feels more secured and at home than Khartoum. This is where it naturally belongs.

Let us look at his backward looking argument clinically. Mr Ping was quoted recently as saying: “From the outset we’ve argued in favour one of the options, making (Sudan’s) unity attractive.” Sadly, Mr Ping uttered the same during the events of marking African Day.

It shocks to find that such a so-regarded as senior diplomat, can’t understand or even respect the democratic rights of the people of South Sudan to decide for themselves what they want. Even the butcher he is trying to defend, Bashir, recently admitted that shall South choose to go solo, he will support and honour their decision.

Mr. Ping is worried. He added: “That’s a major problem for all African countries which could be confronted by similar situations, that’s what concerns us.” He was referring to the fact that South Sudanese seem stay put to see to it that she goes solo from apartheid Sudan, which has for long been perpetrated by pro-Arab black Africans regarding  themselves Arab, whilst they actually are not.

He added his fears when he said: “Such a decision could lead us again to a number of major difficulties, including war.” One thing is imminent. South Sudanese desire to be free can only be stopped and foiled by a miracle but not human machinations. It is too late to urge South Sudan to cool her jet.

Why doesn’t AU want to face the truth that wars in Africa have always been caused by dictatorship, corruption, incompetency, impotency, lunacy, duplicity, greed and what not as far as manning Africa is concerned? Our wildcat diplomats are always horsing around attending shoptalks in the name of Africa as they leave us conned and robbed. Fault them. They will come with huffing and puffing stuff all aimed at getting away with it. They will pummel lies and threats as Mr Ping is trying to do.

Importantly, it must be clearly understood that Africa can nary return her mojo back when she’ll get and have reasonable, accountable, responsible, visionary, reasonable and civilized leaders. Not plundering dictators and Johnny-come-late things in power as it currently has.

Therefore, shall individuals or states keep on supporting such bloodletting regimes as they plunder and commit genocide like it happened in Sudan. We must introduce new laws dealing with all those with genocide philosophy or those that abet with those that committed and their criminal solidarity. Dirty laundry already done for Bashir is enough. In simple parlance, shall individual or states keep on supporting Bashir, they must be indicted by ICC.  This is the only way out of this megalomania.

Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.