Today’s children grow up not properly knowing what role their fathers are supposed to play in their lives. Some call it evolution. Some call it modernity. Some even call it reality. None of these descriptors are further from the truth.

Fatherhood today is a meaningless word in the minds of many a child; and an attempt to even give it shape or form will lead to the sculpting of a monster that stands on two feet but is propped heavily against senseless ideologies that eat away at his spine. Man today, is emasculated and crashed to fit into some cold, uncaring flask in this laboratory called civilization. He is overpowered by the stench of his weak will and he floats aloof. Expiring. Unwanted. Useless. Unsure. Endangered.

To every male human who has sired a child, I call you to order. Your Creator calls you to order. Your duty goes beyond the fleeting seconds of orgasmic rapture. Actually, you were raptured into a new life; a new kingdom. You must bear the torch of hope and promise, even if its very flames scorch you. If your legs fail you, crawl or swim or fly into the light destined for your children and the children after them.

No matter how big a man’s member is, it will not be bigger than his arm. God deliberately made it so. With your strong arms, you must lift your children up. With your strong arms, you must carry your world on your shoulders. With your strong arms, you must unsheathe that sword of Fiery Faith and wrestle your children’s destiny from the very snares that made you fail.

Manhood is not defined by the channels on a TV Set nor by the tuner on a radio set nor by the fine prints on some sheet of paper or ipad. Man is designed by his Maker to dominate his world and to love his woman and to raise his children into useful, wanted, resourceful adults, and this duty he must perform at whatever cost; even if it costs him his life.

Man is the ultimate lighthouse. Raise up your head and shine your children back to Meaning and Hope and Faith and Love.