This is a very interesting post at the Unapologetic Mexican.  At a blogger’s convention, (I believe it was Netroots) a group of them created a bit of “Political Theater”  by making a “check point” at the door of the convention just for the white folks.  They were “dressed” as ICE officials with fake paper badges and sunglasses  for the full effect. 

What was so great to me is they allowed all the brown and black people to pass with no problem.  I kinda liked that.   😉

But for the white people, they told them that they were “Illegal Europeans” on Native Land and would need to show their ID’s.     They physically blocked their entry, and had them hold up their hands and took pictures of them.   The range of reactions of those white folks was quite interesting.  Some felt  humiliated but understood what was being done, and others were simply pissed off by the whole thing.   It’s worth it to check it out if you haven’t already!   😀