1. “It is easy enough to dismiss those who persist in believing that the first successful African slave revolt took place in Haiti. Arab historians have themselves established the contrary, and in contemporaneous detail, so that it is near common knowledge that a revolt of epical dimensions took place at least a millennium earlier, in the salt marshes of Iraq.” Wole Soyinka in Between Truths and Indulgences: Part 2 

This certainly wasn’t common knowledge to me, so I did a little research and found this very interesting and informative article: The Zanj Slave Rebellion, AD 869-883

2. Here’s another quite interesting and informative article by the National Geographic Magazine from February 2008 on “The Black Pharoahs”. Click on the image for the article:

3. Hat tip to MyAfricanDiaspora blog where I found this article: “Being Black in Cuba by Ivan Garcia” 

4. Hat tip to Faye Anderson for recommending this article at the Huffington Post by Dr. Jonathan David Farley: 
“The National Association for the Advancement of Cowardly Pawns” 

5. Informative piece from STRATFOR, discussing the historical immigration relationship between the U.S. and Mexico:  “Arizona, Borderlands and U.S.-Mexican Relations”