There is a beautiful young, black, West Philly girl, originally from Cote d’Ivoire somewhere in the blogosphere.  She’s set up her shop and she’s teaching us critically important truths about ourselves.   Her name is Sojourner, and she’s done alot of travelling through life and culture in her mere 14 years of life.  (She may be 15 by now).  She’s a very young woman, but an old soul. 

She’s teaching us ladies the importance of being  women of substance, informed and knowledgeable about just who we are as women.  Women of ALL ages who are interested in learning these very important lessons can sit at her tiny young feet and soak up some wisdom!  It all takes place at  her blog,  Sojo’s Trumpet.  

The spirits smiled on me that day when I found our wise Sojourner.  She had submitted a very powerful and poignant poem to the blog Africa Is A Country about just who she is as a beautiful African womanchild.  “We’re Cool Like That”.  This poem is a must read.

One day I raised my hand in her class to answer her question: How do we feel about Shakira singing the World Cup Song?  I answered her that a South African person should have sang the song.  Hugh Masakela or Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  I felt confident that my answer was correct. 

Imagine how thrilled I was that not only was I correct in choosing Hugh Masakela, but Sojourner did a post on him and taught me a little extra about the trumpeter that I wasn’t aware of!  She introduced me to his song “Stimela” which is the most powerful song that I’ve heard in a good long while!  Thank YOU Sister Sojo!!