There is an excellent and informative documentary series on Aljazeera English entitled: Africa: States of Independence. It looks at African countries that are celebrating 50 years of independence from European colonial rule and what factors have led to the progress… or the lack of progress… which have been achieved during this time. This documentary is in six parts and it appears that it will be available via Aljazeera English’s website (click on the link above).  

I recently subscribed to the channel and the programming and documentaries are fantastic. They have opened up a new world of information to me. I now get most of my news, particular international news (which includes USA) from there. Also check out the other programs for indepth analysis, as well as more global perspectives on a variety of subjects that will never make it to your CNN, FOXNews, MSNBC, or even PBS and BBC.

I don’t know about you, but the incessant US media yakking about Obama, American politricks, as well as it’s fascination with Glenn Beck and the latest celebrity infidelity, is neither informative, enlightening nor interesting.