Little bird confessed to me that Ugandan strong man wanted the retiring age to be suffocated from 60 to 55 years! What appalls so as to create amber of anger is the fact that the advocate who, in essence is a grand provocateur, is himself above 60 and he does not seem to think about retiring! This suggestion, though, did not augur well even with his own establishment leave alone Uganda. Is this better than thou or just blind arrogance? Help me out thither.

But how could Museveni bother or get it at all if his military regime has always depended on ex-rebels and their friends? To him the civil service that employs many does not affect his government and family. Museveni thinks he’ll create more jobs by curtailing the age of retirement. Many are baffled and annoyed altogether. Is this the only way of creating jobs? Youths have already urged him to retire a lot of his friends, cronies and compatriots in the rank whose age are above 60.

His heart in his mouth, at this time he’s grappling with trying to convince Ugandans that he’s healthy reason to stand for presidency after 24 years in power. Many would think he’d have heart not to take this suicidal direction. But what is he afraid if at all, is all, in all and above all?Ugandans however would like to have something new. They are tired of being under a state of emergency for decades that aims at cowing them not to dare touch power that Museveni and his cabal has cowered on. The power that has become Museveni’s and his family and cronies.

Though, legally a state of emergency is declared in the main, when there are some natural dangers and in this case, the danger is Museveni himself.

What I very much know about our mumbo jumbos is the fact that they are good at teaching what they failed in. They will forcefully tell you to pay tax so that they can squander whilst they actually don’t pay the same but stealing it!

They will tell you of trimming down expenditure whilst they squander and steal the same money you toil for in the name of oiling the cog of the government full of corrupt elements invited, dined and cloned by them.

They will tell you to take pride in your home education whilst they sent their kids abroad for the same, not to mention hospital and procurement.

They will tell you to invest in your country whilst they steal money and stash it in off-shore banks.

They will tell you everything whilst they do and love nothing as far as the country they advocate is concerned.

They will teach you how to love your country whilst they hate it by selling it to bogus investors which, in essence, are but their agents and business partners behind the curtains.

They will tell you die for your country whilst they put the same on crucifixion.

One thing is obvious. They preach water and drink water not to mention how they are actually double-faced nugatory creatures. Recently in Tanzania, the president was telling people to abide by rule of law. But at the same time, his wife, the first lady, is abusing his office than never before. His son is the “son president”, his wife a “wife president”. Presidency within presidency.

This reminds me of the current Rwandan regime that accused others for committing genocide. When its dirty linens in DRC came forth with true image of what it committed, the same genocide it has accused others of, it started swearing at whoever tells the truth. But remember. The same applauded the same UN it wanted to shun, when it hurriedly declared that genocide was committed against Tutsi that are ruling Rwanda and the same that are accused of committing genocide in the neighbouring DRC.

This reminds me of Gambian oddball Yahya Jammeh who came to power by way of coup d’ etat but does not like to accept that he taught many the same.

It reminds me of King Mswati III who committed adultery so as to pay a bull. But when tables were turned against him, he wanted throats chopped! What a better than thou aggrandizement!

Museveni’s blindness reminds me of Zimbabwean strong man Robert Mugabe, who, in the name of  fake patriotism and delivering on his promises he made over twenty years ago, destroyed his country by negative idealism and racism. So too, the butcher of Malawi, Hastings Kamuzu Banda, used to encourage Malawians to respect and love him whilst he hated and disrespected them. His successor, Bakili Muluzi suffered the same. He came to power under the banner of democracy. But he ended up a traitor that wanted to tamper with the very constitution that brought him in so as to remain in power.

Indeed, hypocrisy is like blindness and mania. It reminds me of the dilemma of  Mwai Kibaki. He hated and fought Daniel arap Moi’s dictatorship so as to usher the new constitution, at whose promulgation he invited the dictatorship and genocide of the butcher of Sudan Omar Bashir.

So too, this reminds of the circus Jacob Zuma is now playing after duping the workers of South African who, in essence, drummed big support for him to come to power after toppling Thabo Mbeki. Currently Zuma is under fire thanks to workers unravelling his ploy.

To spice all this, news that the 84 years Senegalese neo-dictator is intending to standing for presidency again left many paralyzed. We used to wrongly think that Zimbabwean strong man Mugabe is the only centurion to cling unto power. Now we have another geek not to mention Egyptian one Hosni Mubaraka.

Unemployment, bad governance and corruption are the major anathema for Africa’s destitution. To curb them, our rulers must create job instead of slashing retiring age. If this is the must-have remedy, then they must retire themselves first before retiring others that are even younger than them.

Another thing to pull us out of this purgatory is nothing but to practically thwart corruption which, in the main, involves them, their cronies and members of their families.

Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.