There is bad blood between authorities in Kigali and UN thanks to unpublished report on genocide and crimes against humanity, said to have been committed by Rwanda forces in DRC. This report has caused a lot of discord between the duo. The darling of UN, Rwanda, is now frowning and threatening even to stop cooperating with UN.

The recently leaked UN report on genocide committed by Rwanda in DRC cannot pass without being discussed.

Though Rwanda has all rights to defend itself, it needs to do so by looking at and underscoring the role of the history of what happened to itself in 1994. When UN hurriedly declared that the killings in Rwanda were genocide, thanks to the UN for not preventing it, the accused people-Hutu, were not given any chance to argue their case before the general assembly that hurriedly declared the same. If precedent is to be followed, Rwanda’s denial does not help anything save to show UN’s double standard, shall it bow to the pressure and stop publishing the report.

Rwandan authorities had this to say with regards to the report: “It is immoral and unacceptable that UN, an organization that failed outright to prevent genocide in Rwanda…now they accuse the army that stopped genocide of committing atrocities in DRC.” Ben Rutasingwa Rwandan government spokesperson was recently quoted as saying.

This is the ‘big weapon’ Rwanda has always used to intimidate UN and the whole world as if Rwandans themselves had no duty to deliver!

But here the point is not moral or who stopped or failed to stop genocide in Rwanda. Here the issue is whether Rwandan army committed genocide in DRC or not, but not whether UN is blameless about Rwanda’s genocide or incompetent to probe the same. Many think Rwanda would squarely deny the allegations by bringing the facts in lieu of far-fetched defence of morality and failure.

Let’s agree. UN failed to prevent genocide from happening in Rwanda as it did in DRC. But shall UN failure be used as a pretext of burying the rights of those that were felled in DRC? If the case is to accuse UN for this, it should go on separately from this. It should not be used to deprive and tramp on the rights of DRC. Two wrongs never make a right. Today Kenya cannot intimidate the ICC in defending its post-ballots warlords, simply because ICC has failed to arrest Omar Bashir. These are two different cases with different merits, just the same as Rwanda’s allegations that UN failed to prevent genocide should not foil UN’s efforts to publish the report on DRC as the way of discharging its duty.

A monkey can still testify against it colleagues it witnessed invading someone’s farm despite being guilty of the same. What the monkey saw in this case is true and must be admissible.

If Rwanda sticks on its guns and UN cowers away, who then will prosecute the criminals that committed genocide in DRC? Shall individual countries take actions like instituting cases against Rwandan authorities as once Spain and France did? Will they be accused of sabotaging Rwanda and the development already been realized there? But all in all, the blood of the innocent people of DRC, as it was for Rwandans, cannot be spilled in vain. Something must be done to this effect no matter what.

Another point Rwanda has to consider is the fact that invading DRC was illegal ab initio. Thus, whatever transpire in that invasion is also illegal.

Why are they pulling their army from Darfur instead of refuting all facts by facts, if what was found is a mere lie? Is this the solution?

Rwanda, the just recent victims of the same crime it is alleged to have committed in DRC methinks, must face the reality and come clean. The pains it felt when genocide was committed in its soil is the same the people of DRC are feeling, despite having no strong government that can press UN to publish the report. Why genocidaires protect Darfuris against more genocide? UN missions need to be comprised of people with probity and clean track record. Refer to what happened in DRC when India’s and Pakistan’s unity were implicated in mineral smuggling.

Why is it a crime in Rwanda, under the so-called genocide ideology law for someone to doubt, negate, question and what not genocide, but when Rwanda is caught pant down it becomes another issue?

The other day I wrote that Rwandan president Paul Kagame needs to truly reconcile Rwanda and Rwandans. This did not augur well with Kigali. I was maliciously and wrongly branded a genocide denier or an argent for deniers. Why is it a crime to deny Rwanda’s genocide but not DRC’S, one that Rwanda is blatantly doing by issuing threats and intimidation?

But again, if it was possible for Rwandan authorities to come up with the numbers of those that were felled in the 1994 genocide ex-parte, even alter the whole definition that was propounded by UN, what is wrong with an independent and respected entity like UN to look into what actually transpired in DRC when Rwanda and Uganda, illegally, invaded and plundered DRC?

To do away from this heinous crime and to make sure that it won’t be repeated anywhere else, UN must form a special tribunal to look into genocide in DRC. No soul is better than another. We still remember. Rwanda and Uganda invaded DRC without any right or edict from UN. They did so under the pretext of self defence. But again, which self defence authorizes the commission of genocide and crimes against humanity in the first place?

At this juncture, UN is in hot soup. For if it hurriedly consented to the formation of International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and declare Rwanda’s massacres as genocide where genocide case was generally dealt with ex-parte, why then not apply the same method with regards to atrocities that were committed in DRC?

Shall UN withdraw this report or cower away just because Rwandan authorities have threatened to withdraw their army in Darfur? The UN will end up in an awkward situation thereby losing its credibility before the eyes of the world. This should not be allowed to happen. No country has the right to act discretionary to violate the rights of other countries.

Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.