Recent stand-off-cum-threat by American quack Terry Jones to enflame 200 copies of Koran gave us many lessons. The biggest lesson we got is some Muslims and politicians proved to be mad and awkward thanks to their lush and myopia. For many people in various “Muslim” countries took to the streets to protest the kindling of the Koran.

Jones succeeded in using and abusing goofy Muslims to reach his nugatory goal-fame. So too, he unearthed another anomaly in that many people are idolatrous and blind. For they value a book (material) more than humans, as opposed to spirituality. Refer to the deaths of two demonstarors in Afghanistan or deaths of many people who memorized the whole 114 chapters (Surat) of Koran (Hafidh al Qur’an) in Darfur, Sudan.

One wonders how people could die for something material, the thing that even Muhammad (SAW) himself did not authorize its application and compilation? To know what this means, refer to the genesis of the Koran that was authorized by Caliph Othman. That’s why there are many versions of the same such as Othmanic codex, Othmanic recension, Samarkand codex, Samarkand manuscript and Tashkent Qur’an. Also one can refer to the fact that the Koran was compiled after the death of prophet Muhammad. He left it as scripta defectiva, incomplete and instructed his disciples (Ṣaḥābah ) to memorize it and not to write it as they contrary did.

Interestingly though, many Somalis took to the streets to condemn this stupidity-cum-insanity. One, however, wonders. How can Somalis that have, for long, been hijacked by warlords (they’ve nary demonstrated to condemn), do this?

This reminds me of Sudanese who in 2007 blindly took to the streets to condemn, whilst others wanted the neck of English teacher Gillian Gibbons, simply because she scribed the name Mohammed on a bear toy that she gave as a gift to her student whose name is Mohammed. This act was wrongly and maliciously taken as blasphemy to prophet of Muslims, Mohammed. Many still wonder. When Sudanese were baying for the blood of an innocent teacher with machetes and clubs for the blood of poor Gibbons, they’re protecting Ahmad Harun who was implicated by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for committing genocide in Darfur. It is sad and shameful for Sudanese and Middle East so-called Muslims to not take to the streets condemning Sudanese government that is butchering poor and innocent Darfuris among whom there are many Hafiz. Where does Khartoum get money to run its day-to-day business and financing janjaweed if not the Middle East? Refer to many countries in the region to not sign international instruments or honour and meet their obligations thereby enabling swift movement for Sudanese butcher Omar Bashir as he once boasted when he visited Qatar. Even other Africans are to blame for this. For after warrant to arrest Bashir was issued he was able to visit Egypt, Libya, Eritrea, Kenya, and Ethiopia without being arrested.

More so, how many Muhammads’ are rotting in prisons for committing rape, robbery, drug trafficking, theft and what not? Why don’t those “Muslims” demonstrate to condemn the parents of these criminals with the name Muhammad, for naming them after the prophet? Why didn’t we see these good Muslims demonstrating when US invaded Iraq, where many copies of Koran were burned or destroyed when mosques and homes were bombed? Isn’t demonstrating against the burning of Koran only hypocrisy and shirk?

There is no need for humans to lose or endanger their lives just fighting for something material. Koran is a concept. Nobody can burn or destroy it. Now look. After the dust of the attempt to burn the Koran settled, one Australian lawyer Alex Stewart smoked two pages one from the Koran and another from the bible.

Suppose, were copies of the Koran torched, would the sun fall down or  the world come come to an end? Nothing would happen given that those that wanted to torch the Koran used it to get cheap popularity. And indeed, they succeeded in hoodwinking Muslims and politicians who goofed and fell in the trap easily and blindly.

Given that the source of all fracas was the intention of building a memorial mosque at ground zero, this thing should be given much thoughts. Why building the mosque there? To commemorate the terrorists that brought down WTC?

Another madness we witnessed is the torching of American flag that was done by demonstrators. Why should one defend his rights by abusing those of others? If the Koran is holy for Muslims, US flag is the symbol of the nation. It is holy to them too.

Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.