It came just like any blockbuster-cum-hit. This is when it came to light that Zimbabwean tyrant, Robert Mugabe his cabinet and the whole country were duped by just an ignorant witchdoctor to believe that they can get diesel out of the stone. The media has it that Mugabe set a cabinet committee to look into this phantasmagoria.

One Rottina Mavhunga claimed to have discovered refined diesel at a mountainous area. Thus, Mavhunga would pull Zimbabwe nation out of fuel crisis. Interestingly Dr. Mugabe fully and confidently subscribed to this rubbish! I don’t want to boggle my mind asking why did the guy with all many degrees consented to this maniac in the first place. This is not the first person to take Mugabe for a ride. His wife Grace Marufu has always ruled him so as to become the president behind the curtain. And this is the replica of many African first ladies who are using their husbands to rob public coffers.

But again, Mugabe is not alone. In Tanzania, one astrologer did the same to the current president Jakaya Kikwete, when he foretold that anybody that would stand to challenge Kikwete in his party would die instantly. And this farce did work. For nobody stood against the incumbent. After this quack saw how his ‘magic’ worked, before long, he came with another prophecy when his customer president collapsed on 21 August thanks to failing health and being tired. The astrologer said that his subsidence was caused by his enemies. He, thus, promised to protect the president by providing some unseen genies to protect him. Many wondered how the head of state with all body guards could goof this much.

Like Mugabe, Kikwete is currently using public funds to run his campaigns in order to remain in power. His chief campaigners are none but his wife Salma and his son Ridhiwani. Recently, there were undisputed allegations that even the three choppers he is currently using were donated by investors who seek favours in return. Kikwete’s wife and son have been making statements just like presidents. They, too, are acclaimed at the airports by public servants and regional commissioners, who read special speeches as if they’re receiving the president himself.

On this and that of the astrologer, the opposition sought explanations as far as the stance of the government was concerned. The government replied by saying that the astrologer is entitled to freedom of expression (even by making things up!). Regarding abusing public funds by the family of the president, Kikwete’s party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) provided forged documents to ‘prove’ that it was hiring plane for the first lady.

What’s more, the quack astrologer, to spice his bulimia, on 28 September the same astrologer who has enjoyed funding from the president, came with yet another gut-wrenching bombshell. He said that either of the two competent presidential aspirants for this year elections, namely Kikwete and his arch contender Dr. Wilbroad Slaa of CHADEMA, will die before polling day! To cut the story short, as I am writing, neither the government nor Kikwete himself has repudiated this hogwash. This means. They believe in it.

Kikwete and Mugabe are neither the first nor the last to show how uneducated they are despite attaining university degrees. In Kenya during the KANU dictatorship, one Indian Kamlesh Pattni duped president Daniel arap Moi and his professor-vice president, George Saitoti, by forming a bogus company that would make Kenya world renown gold producer without even a single mine. This move saw Kenya approaching economic demise.

There are many untold story of sorcery in Africa today. One renown is in Gambia where an ignorant tyrant was duped by magicians to believe that he discovered a cure for AIDS and impotency. What appalls is the fact that his doctor of medicine, Minister of Health Dr. Malick Njie stood by this stupidity. Who is educated between the duo? I don’t want to answer this. In South Africa, the current president Jacob Zuma slept with HIV-positive woman. He took a shower believing it would cure AIDS! How mad and ignorant such a punk is?

The other day news broke that a Tanzanian professor minister received kickback from the investor in minerals. You know what this kickback was? Just to pay school fees for his daughter that was admitted at a substandard college in South Africa.

From such a few episodes you can see why Africa has always lugged behind when it comes to advancement. If all that we have as rulers and policy makers are zombies and lunatics as we have seen in the above examples, especially ‘the Zimbabwean way of discovering pure diesel’, do you think we can make it out of this economic impasse especially when the same are on the helms?

To do away from this suicidal stance Africa is on thanks to having goofy rulers, we need to boot them out and overhaul our education system. If a PhD holder plus many other degrees like Mugabe can be easily cozened, what of a rural farmer?

Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.