From Black Agenda Report

“…Nearly forty years after the Tuskegee horror was made widely known, on October 1, 2010 the Obama administration acknowledged that from 1946 to 1948, United States government scientists infected prisoners and mental patients with syphilis in the central American nation of Guatemala. The project was administered by the Public Health Service, the National Institutes of Health and the Pan American Health Organization and operated with the knowledge of the Guatemalan government. Prostitutes with syphilis were allowed to have sex with prison inmates, and mental patients were directly injected with syphilis or had the bacteria literally poured into their wounds.

The Tuskegee study became the longest observational study conducted in medical history.”

The story of the Guatemala syphilis experiment immediately brought to mind obvious comparisons with the well known Tuskegee study, but there was also a very direct connection between the two. The Guatemala study was discovered by Wellesley college professor Dr. Susan Reverby in the course of her research on the Tuskegee experiments. Her research on Dr. John C. Cutler who worked on the Tuskegee program in the 1960s, revealed that he operated the Guatemala infection program as well…”

In fact, NO one was ever punished for this “experiment gone wrong.” The question is: did it go wrong? Or did it mutate into other more sinister “experiments” with deadlier consequences?

Dr. Cutler and his confederates were never tried, nor convicted of their crimes… proof of which is that they committed MORE. Its not enough to “apologize” for inhumane conduct when the perpetrators of genocide are to this day “honored” by institutions of higher learning for their “contributions” to their chosen field — of murder.

No, it is necessary to root out this evil at its core. Who will hold the system accountable?