A few days ago, my brother The Field Negro contacted me to say that he had used a post I did about 2 years ago entitled: “Tribal Intellectualism and the concept of the House Negro”, as the basis of an article he had posted on his blog. I was like “cool”, went over to his blog and read his post and some of the comments. I barely remembered the original post I did, since once I’ve finished an article and engaged in the discussion, I move on.

So after reading The Field Negro’s post, I went and read my post again. The theme is one that I continually struggle with, African-Americans demonizing each other and engaging in personal attacks by name-calling, just because of differences in opinion. Anyway, I wasn’t moved in any way to enter the discussion over at The Field Negro, especially since it had gone off on numerous tangents.   

Today while over at one of my daily “must read” blogs, Cry Me An Onion, I read an amazing post, inspired by the article over at the The Field Negro. Have you ever read a post that moves your spirit? That seems to engulf your soul from all directions, like a jazz composition… jazzuloo. You listen to it over and over again, mesmerized by the notes, nuances and lyrics… not exactly sure that you are actually hearing what you are hearing, but knowing that you are hearing something unique, real… from the heart.

I had to read this post: “I Earned My Roots!” a few times, as it moved me like a piece of music I described above. It was composed by whom I refer to as a “cultural lyricist”. Nuff said.

Thanks for this Patrick-Bernard! C’est bon mon ami!