A few days ago a member of the AfroSpear Google Group asked this question:

“It appears that the Afrosphere Google Group has died a slow and unfortunate death. Is the Afrosphere a group in name only? What should be the next steps, if anything for the Afrosphere Google Group?”

First, it’s difficult to keep something alive when you keep getting it’s name wrong. However, it started an interesting conversation within the AfroSpear Google Group where members provided their opinion, understanding and vision of what the AfroSpear has meant to them and where it should go. Fortunately, most felt it hasn’t died… as yet… and it still has the potential to carry on and be relevant within the AfroSphere and beyond.       

Eddie Griffin gave a quite thoughtful and inspiring response which I want to share:

Sorry I am late for the party… responsibilities… responsibilities… responsibilities… from family, to church, to the community. Nevertheless, I share intimate time and experiences with members of the Afrospear, both through the Google group and on Facebook. To me, the Afrospear is like members of my family.

I run from battle to battle, and never get trenched down in trivia and personalities. I confess that I did not vote in the mid-term election. But of course, I would not advocate the same to my Afrospear colleagues, living in different sections of the country. I already have my political lineup in Texas, and I was not about to become part of the “shellacked”, when the “counter-revolution” to the Obama administration became evident. Eddie Griffin does not participate in defeat. Neither do I debate a fruitless political debate with colleagues.

It is what it is… a shellacking that has nothing to do with this part of Texas. I have been busy trying to get whatever I can from the Obama administration for our people, our kids, particularly federal funds for education. With education, we can dig our way out. With these minimum-wage stimulus jobs, we can work our way out of the hole. And, ObamaCare (as the call it) now covers “blue babies” which was once a “pre-existing codition”.

Some members of the group choose to join in the chorus of Tea Party critics… so well and good. But I am not going to debate while our boy holds the presidency. It is up to the opposition to take it. And, if they do, they can still never undo the infrastructures we have built.

I am satisfied with a one-term president, if that is to be. Four years are enough to get done what we need to get done. And if, by chance, we get another four, then that would be icing on the cake.

I am satisfied that, for once, a black man had the opportunity to look into the federal government’s dark secret closet, and find all the tales and conspiracies waged against African-Americans over the centuries.

I can breathe easier and move on to other priorities like Education, a subject shared intimately between me and many individual members of the group. As everyone, from the beginning, knew, Eddie Griffin has four priorities: (4) Social Justice and Public Safety; (3) Economic Development; (2) Education; and (1) Religion (my faith). All of my work has been concentrated into these four areas. Politics is merely a vehicle. Protest is a vehicle. Blogging is a vehicle.

I never confuse the means with the ends. We are a means to each other, whereby we can (if we cooperate and work together) reach a greater end. In the meantime, most of us work in silence without much fanfare, calling only upon members of the group who support our position. This is the way it should be. We support each other’s cause on a selective basis, not as a universal single voice.

We do, however, have mutual areas upon which we have chosen to associate and work together. I see no need for this platform to be abandoned, though everyone may not support any one individual cause to their likings.

Happy Holidays,
Eddie Griffin