I just finished watching a documentary on Wikileaks & Julian Assange.  At the (premature) end of the doc, one of Assange’s collaborator’s bemoaned the fact that the collective had broken down over an individual’s insistence on releasing the more dramatic info, too quickly, as opposed to a more measured, calculated distribution of materials. It appears that one person was (way) out front, the easier to take him and the organization down. We’ll how that plays out.

Organizations often breakdown when the “organization” is weaker than its component parts. Individuals must step in to fill the void and do the work of the many in that scenario. This thing called the “AfroSpear” was never intended to be anything but a collective; however, it has never truly, consistently functioned that way. In fact, it was perhaps only at its inception that there was a “WE” that actually made decisions about where the group was going.

We need a WE, the AfroSpear needs a WE today! We need to learn the lesson of those who have created fiefdoms where a real community of interest and action was required. It is a messy, difficult path. But it is necessary.

Obviously, there is risk. Who are WE?! What are the intentions of those who come here? Couldn’t our enemies infiltrate and wreak havoc? Maybe. Maybe they already have. But a collective can weather more storms than a thin reed.

So, I propose a new collective, a new counsel composed of some of our most active participants and contributors. New, old, female, male, global in scope, if possible. A group that decides how to administer this site, that puts out content as well as sharing content from others. A group that creates standards for what gets shared – or has no standards at all.

I invite our community to discuss this issue. Is it realistic? Insane? Who among you WANTS to contribute, serve, direct, help lead?!

No, this isn’t a sexy topic and it may not offer the opportunity to ‘flame’ one another: but it just might be the most important conversation this blog has this or any year.

Where we go from here is up to YOU!