Thank you to ALL of you who have responded to the post concerning changes here; those of you who asked how you can help and those of you who sent along good wishes. We need them.

We need an active “group” of monitors, posters, people who are committed to tracking comments that we receive and approving them; collecting email from our account, responding to it; posting links (new) to our site. Visioning the future of this blog as a vital conduit for people of African descent.

Obviously, we must be careful in who we choose as the enemies of progress are ALWAYS looking to infiltrate and fuck up the program. But we must be brave and choose, anyway.

We need committed people, female/male, somewhere in the Diaspora who can communicate and direct the activities of this site. I believe it is essential to have folks who can work together – preferably folks who have contributed here previously – or demonstrated their commitment at their sites.

Now, I don’t know it all, so others may have ideas/suggestions that blow these embryonic thoughts out of the water. Please suggest away!!