No doubt that what is unfolding in Libya has left many shocked. Nobody would risk thinking that Libyan strong man Muamar Gadaffi would easily been cowered as it happened.

Two days after disgruntled Libyans took to the street, Gadaffi was nowhere to be seen or heard. Who would believe that Gadaffi who has been everywhere in Libya, from seating room to bathroom, would not come to defend his autocratic regime?

To save the face, his son Al- Saif Al- Islam Gadaffi (Uday Saddam Hussein of Libya) recorded a confused message that was aired by Libyan TV. Instead of helping his father, he poured yet more fuel to the already raging fire. He accused police and the army of being unprofessional. He played down the number of those that were felled by his father’s notorious regime. Who would believe that a sane person would argue that those that were killed in demonstrations were just 14 not 173?

Gadaffi’s son made some concessions after witnessing the fall of Benghazi, the second biggest city in Libya. He offered to change things to suit the demand of the mass. Nobody would subscribe to this bulimia thanks to the fact that Al Islam has no constitutional right to enter any concession with anybody. Being a tick on the back of his father, desperate Al Islam made up some allegations. He said that demonstrators were labouring under the influence of drugs and they wanted to divide Libya into Islamic caliphates. This is sick to hear. It is the first time Libyans and the world have ever heard of such a thing. Who is labouring under influence between demonstrators and Gadaffi’s son, who is labouring under power intoxication?

Gadaffi the son went a mile ahead claiming that Libya is going to be divided in tribe states. If this were the case it would make sense simply because his falling father is the fan of tribe chiefs in all Africa. Is this Iran-like hypocrisy, whereby Iranian barbaric regime supported demonstrators in Egypt? But when Iranians took to the street to do what the regime was supporting Egyptians for, it dispatched killers to finish them.

No doubt. Like Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi has proved to be a coward that can be easily cowered and toppled altogether. For those conversant with the dynamics and theatrics of powers, Gadaffi will nary take long before being bundled out with his cronies. Being a wino, Gadaffi threw vitriol onto Tunisians and Egyptians when they took on their dictators. Now his turn has come, he is nowhere to be seen.

Analysts agree on one thing. What is happening in Libya is but the beginning of the end. The fire that started in Tunisia will gut the whole continent. This means even dictators and thieves south of Sahara should brace themselves for the show.

Gadaffi has been in power for 42 years. Though he does not have constitutional title of king, he has ruled like other Arab kings. Libya became his private estate. Who doubts this should ask himself or herself, if this was not the case, where did his son get the power to address the nation?

Archaic and myopic as Gadaffi’s rule has always been, now it is on its deathbed waiting to be buried any soon from now. Let keep our fingers closed to see another dirty regime cascading down to historical dust bin. To cut the story short, Libyans will give the world the worthy and unique gift by booting out their long time thief-cum-tormentor.

Good news, it is true, is the fact that Libyan army has boycotted more orders aiming at shooting to kill more protesters. Allah Akbar. Gadaffi is now showing his hate to Islam. If he could offer millions of dollars to build mosques all over Africa, what is wrong with having an Islamic regime in Libya? This means, Gadaffi was taking Muslims and Islam for a ride. What is the logic behind his son’s warning that Libyans should not allow Islamic regime to be formed? Hypocrisy and sheer lies. Ironically the meaning of Al Saif Al Islam is the“Sword of Islam.” What hypocrisy.

Thank Lord that now the world knows Gadaffi, who was hidden behind power and fanfares resulting from it, as the coward and harsh Gadaffi who could order the army to shoot to kill.

Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.