The great Bishop Noel Jones, discussing the intersection of business and church, the practical and the spiritual, the dialectical and the liturgical. Bishop Noel Jones is considered a profound Christian theologian and intellectual. He has a way with the Word of God that leaves no room for doubt about God’s existence, His mercy, and His love for us all.

When he recently visited in South Africa and sat down to speak on the SABC network, the good Bishop met his intellectual match in his interviewer, Mbulelo Rakwena. Watch as the two intellects argue the points of how black Christians ought to approach Christianity–how we black people ought to bring Christianity to bear on our history, including our enslavement and the effects of it, so that God’s Word and God’s love breaks the bonds of economic and mental slavery that we are still suffering worldwide.

One thing we know, God has given us Free Will to choose our paths. We see how the slavers made their choice to twist Scripture.  We see how they brought Christianity to bear in their desire to conquer and vanquish black people, and by extension, the world. The imperialists and slavers reinterpreted scripture to support their desires for domination. This reinterpretation still rings in the ears of many people who have decided that they can’t relate to the “white man’s religion”. The imperialistic misinterpretation of God still holds sway over most black agnostics and atheists to this present day. But what we as black Christians must do is to begin the reinterpretation of scripture that works for us in our practical lives here on earth.  We can never accept the imperialists racist interpretation of scripture as God’s unchanging truth, even if those imperialists would have us to believe this profound lie! 

God’s Omniscience, Omnipresence and Omnipotence is too big to equate with the european slavers,  or their fallacy ridden, eurocentric interpretation of HIM!