Though it can be regarded as buffoonish, the idea that protesters in Libya are drugged young and jobless people sometimes makes sense. Even if this is not the case in Libya, there is a naked truth behind this.

When Muamar Gadaffi was cornered, he employed mercenaries in duped or dumped cops from South to thwart what he called duped and drugged youths. This happened when his praise singers went feral. Power is sweet. He had to do something even if it meant killing his own people he swore to defend. This is Africa where power, even cattle for some, have more meaning and value than bin-Adams.

An African potentate can use all tricks in books to put down revolts and riots in his country so as to survive.

Unprecedented wave of changes in Libya has caused mayhem. The flamboyant Gadaffi we used to know and admire, all of the sudden, disappeared so as to be replaced by erratic, lunatic and megalomaniac one. After going a little bit funny in the head, Gadaffi ordered the air force to bomb his country and countrymen and women.

From the blue, his son Al Seif Al Islam (the Sword of Islam) became second in command. He warned Libyans of Islamic caliphates the “aggressors” aim at forming, after toppling his father, before his father implicated Al Qaeda.  Many were buffled. How could the guy whose father used to dish money out for the “good cause” of Islam utter such words!

Remember it’s the same Gadaffi who once asserted that the Bible was doctored thus fake and everybody is supposed to become Muslim. This is the guy that opens every occasion using Bismillahi Rahmanir Rahim. What double standard!

We witnessed  the son of tyrant gimpingly yelling in the broad daylight. Where does he get locus standi? The much-guarded secret of dictatorship and one-family show laid bare opened for everybody to see.

While the bloodbath was going on in Libya, once again, AU proved its uselessness by not taking any action with regards to imbroglio and chaos in Libya. No doubts African Union (AU) has no difference from any caricature or toothless dog. As days go by, AU loses its meaning not to refer to reputation. If anything, AU has become but a project that causes a lot of sufferings for poor people in African countries.

When African rulers congregate at this shoptalk venue, they are paid per diem from their treasuries. This hard-earned money would help to alleviate the suffering the hoi polloi are facing. Farther on, they have even invited their wives-first ladies who, along with them, convene to do top shoptalk.

Ironically, when African rulers flocks Addis-Ababa, they do so under the pretext of discussing Africa’s problems whilst they are unable to tackle and address theirs at home. They failed even to realize the major aim of the formation of AU-unification of Africa. Where is the unification if South Sudan can secede?

Many question the sincerity and ability of African rulers.

Many African countries are ruled by dictators, thieves, ballot riggers and what not. Most of them are hated more than those already booted out as we witnessed in Egypt and Tunisia.

Farther on, many mistakenly thought that AU would play a pivot role thanks to what’s going on in Africa. One would think that AU, for example, would be the first entity to condemn what is going on in Libya. Sadly though, this did not happen.

Who will face Gadaffi that’s using mercenaries and his private army to butcher his own people? Gadaffi is felling his people openly whilst his counterparts, though not all, are doing secretly.

The day Gadaffi unleashed his terror and brutality, many goofed thinking AU would convene an ad hoc meeting to deal with the chicken eating its eggs. But nay, they feared he’d reveal their hidden scars. For most of them have been queuing on his door seeking favours and assistance. They are in his pocket apart from behaving like him. So if his power is petered out, they are the loser who will have no where to putter.

When Libyans decided to take on their megalomaniac longtime butcher, they wrongly hoped international community would timely lend them a hand. This did not happen sadly though. Instead, western powers whitewashed the whole thing by issuing harsh words of condemnations without taking any action! Too little too late. Mere words can nary break the bone.

What Libyans did not know for sure is the fact that the west is more interested in oil than the innocent blood that the errant tyrant is currently shedding. It is business as usual. Many have restrained their tongues fearing that if Gadaffi survives they might lose business deals.

Back to African potentates, who will point finger on Gadaffi whilst they are all dirty? Who will condemn his employment of mercenaries to kill and bomb his people?

More on Gadaffi’s assertion, if it is true that drugged young people can support anybody, Africa should brace herself for more troubles. For there are much unharnessed manpower in jobless, drugged youths and what not.

When Liberian butcher, Charles Taylor employed this lugubrious method the world did not take note. It was repeated in Congo by Denis Sassou Ngweso. Now it is at work in Libya, no surprise. This means every punk with a fat purse can employ jobless and drugged youths to take power or clinging unto it.

The other side of the coin is good. If all wretched Africans especially paupers, jobless and forgotten ones can gang up together to take on the regime torturing them, it will be real emancipation.

To conclude, it must be noted. Those that want to remain in power in Africa, they must make sure that they fight drugs and unemployment. Failure to this, they are authoring their own downfall for not tackling the duo. For their enemies will employ them to topple them.

For mercenaries can come and mess around making a killing by killing enemies (people) as it is happening in Libya. Sadly though is the involvement of Kenyans. This tarnishes the reputation of East Africa.

Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.