At the beginning of the year, I was on Facebook when I noticed a post of young twin hip hop dancers. I was blown away by their talent as I watched the brothers  Larry and Laurent  start actually dancing. Fantastic doesn’t even begin to describe them!

There are many dancers out there and most of them are a dime a dozen. Any old movie star or football player can start dancing and do well enough. But these guys bring excitement back to dance! Watching them reminds me of my youth when my friends and I would go to dance competitions and shows around the neighborhood. What’s so exciting about Larry and Laurent is that they display some of the best in-sync and coordinated dance moves I’ve ever seen. Their dance movements are so fluid that one brother starts a movement and the other brother finishes it! Their moves flow in and out of each other! They are very well attuned to each other, probably because they got that twin power thing going on!

Not since the days of pop locking, thirty odd years ago when the youth of my generation did it well, have I seen anything so good! As my 9th grade french teacher would have declared, Formidable!!

Check out Les Twins and decide for yourself.


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Six step starts at :42.