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I am so thankful for the black blogosphere!! Yesterday, I received an email and youtube video from an unknown angel, passing on to me information about this beautiful, articulate, very ambitious sister! I had never heard of her, so you know I was more than happy! Her name is Mukami Kinoti-Kimotho and she’s based in Washington DC, if you don’t know. This is one sister who is destined to make her mark as the next Oprah! She was blessed last year with an opportunity to compete with many other hopefuls when Oprah announced a talent search for someone special to host a talk show on her OWN Network. So Mukami got busy creating a test video to introduce herself to the world. I guess she didn’t win after all, but that’s alright because she’s already on the media mogul fasttrack of her own making!

She has already created her own media company, MaWazo Media, and is right at the threshold of launching her own show MukamiTV on May 12, the flagship WebTelevision arm of her media company. In this show, she will be interviewing people with a firm grasp on their destiny! From those who have made it, to those who are on their way! I watched her introductory videos, and they are lovely. Her production is top notched, (Oprah you missed out) and she’s obviously right in her element! This sister has a very beautiful spirit, and her style is inspirational, encouraging, uplifting! Her forte is encouraging those people who are interested in doing great things to keep on pushing past all the obstacles. Her example of pushing forward to launch her own dreams will inspire you! This sister is doing it, and doing it well!!

As Mukami was saying in one of her videos, we all have a starting point that may not have been glamorous. So where is hers? Mukami was born in Nyeri , Kenya in a family of two boys and two girls. She was however raised in Nairobi’s Woodley area. She attended Kilimani Primary School and Moi Nairobi Girls High School. She received a degree in Management Information Systems from USIU-San Diego and a Masters degree in Applied Communication and Organizational Development from University of Denver in Colorado.

Mukami is married to Kim Muhota, a banker and they have two children. Her parents, Stephen and Tina Kinoti also live in the nation’s capital. read more

Mukami TV - Your Voice, Amplified! Click this picture

Ladies, do yourselves a favor and go to her Youtube channel and link up to her. You don’t want to miss her video about all that she went through to get her in home studio up and running! You don’t want to miss ANY of what this lady will be saying and doing!