A comment from Amenta:

Osama Bin Laden was both a hero (to some) and, well , lunatic is not the word I would use, but he was, to some, evil incarnate. It depends on what side one chooses.
I came to this understanding about who or what was evil in certain circimstances by reading the bible. I often read the stories of the great god of Abraham delivering lands into the hands of the Israelites, by them, the Israelites “utterly” destroying the people. Killing not only the soldiers, but disabled men, the women, children and even the animals, leaving no one alive and taking only the silver and the gold.

Let’s say this was the attack on the Amalakites. Well, surely, any Amalakites that escaped or evaded the death and destruction of the Isralites knew with out a doubt, with great assurity, that the great god of Abraham, of the Isralites, was an evil and wicked being. Period. And, withour a doubt the Israelites knew their god was the greatest of of all the universe.

Similarly, of us in the U.S have studied and seen the evidence of just how far the U.S. government has gone and will go. Or at least entities within and without the government. Remember this is the only nation that has ever used a nuclear weapon against another nation. But, prior to that they destroyed many other lives while testing the limits of the weapon on the Marshall Islands, Bikini Island and many others. This is kept quiet.

The United States funded and backed many of the German industries during WWII, that was killing Jews and Africans in the Sudetenland. In fact Paul Warburg’s brother Max Warburg was a high ranking officer in the Wehrmacht during WWII. Max kept financing for banks backed by Paul Warburg, J.P. Morgan and others, running. And the Allies had specific orders never to bomb these banks or trains carrying money and gold. This is a conspiracy, but not a theory. It’s a fact.

During the time of Martin, Malcolm (El Hajj Malik Shabazz), and the Black Panther Party, the FBI and other entities would release fictional news articles for publication into the mainstream press disparaging these people or groups. This is not a theory, though it was a conspiracy. A conspiracy to undermine the authority Martin, Malcolm and the BPP may have garnered.

The release of false news articles by the government (FBI, local police, NSA, CIA…) has been verified and documented from the 1960′s and 1970′s under C.O.I.N.T.E.L.P.R.O. Are we now to believe these types of activities by the government have stopped? No one knew of these activities when they were taking place. In fact, know one would have believed it were true if they were made aware of them.

Because we know the government has conducted such business in the past, we should be wary as to their “news” releases. Today’s techonology allows for a much more comprehsive way of distorting or even creating events. Sadly, all too often, when someone calls out the fact that all of this could be a technological play for the world, the words conspiracy theory comes forth as if to say “C’mon you’re reaching.”

“Guys let’s write history by thinking instead of letting history unveil our fallacy.Thanks. Try to at least think a little bit.”

Then to think would be to consider the unthinkable. To think would be to consider the history of what this country has done in this sphere. To think would be to consider that all that glitters is not gold.

Peace my people.

“Piece for my Peace”

Amenta, this is why I’m pretty much done here. When I see our people, here, using the same loaded language of the colonizer/imperialist/globalizing monster – to make us NOT think – the man’s work is done. But, to use a word from recovery lingo, its the “easier, softer way.” And I understand that.

Its easier, when you have made an external authority your internal authority – to defer, to bend, to place or rate above you – something outside of yourself.  It makes it that much easier to swallow what other external authorities say. Answers come easier – when they are furnished, rather than worked for, be they from wise deities, or big governments and their media chihuahuas, who, of course, print all the truth and nothin’ but. 

When you respectfully maintain, nourish your own internal authority (instincts, emotion, intuition, intellect) – while  maintaining an openness to ALL of what’s out there – then you might have a chance. But it ain’t easy, or soft. And there is a chance of choosing the wrong path or source, chance of losing your way. But I’d rather that, than buy someone else’s moldy bread just because its warm, old and comforting.

I am skeptical of anything put out by governments. “All governments lie,” so said I.F. Stone, and they do so because they are not for the people, but the cabal behind the curtain. That’s a fact that I have learned from living and studying history. Carefully. And for a very long time.  Information has been “colonized,” just as surely as countries have been.  So the info you receive turns out to be ANOTHER lie. That is why, when one needs their OWN antennae, along with the ability to think, critique, feel and see straight – they’d better have one.

Those of us who are in the process of learning some “deep” history that is beneath the lies of the conquerors, have to work our asses off. I don’t create or fabricate theories out of thin air. That’s not my thang. But I am aware that people in power don’t like to be questioned, particularly when they commit (war) criminal acts, treasonous acts. Any critique of such people, any questions that spring from the reality of their behavior are met with derision, character assassination – and sometimes REAL assassination.  Some of us know this; that some of us don’t ensures our continued marginalization.

Conspiracy theory is used pejoratively and on purpose  – by many – to silence, to close and cut-off discussions that might lead to truth, rather than more lies.  Its like “red baiting.” As soon as someone called you a communist back in the day, you could kiss your reputation – and career – goodbye.  And that was the intent.

Now, are there crazy-ass conspiracy theories out there? Of course there are! And some of those are put out there as “disinformation” Co-Intelpro-style, to keep people confused and ignorant, too.

Anyway, I’m wide open and maybe that’s my problem, but its mine and I’ll take it. To quote a particular disco band: “I love you, I love you all, but I have got to go!”

Peace to all of you. From the Bad Guy.

The Freeslave