I read a lot of commentators and there are currently 3 people I would love to meet. These are people I respect for their opinions, not that I agree with all that they believe, but I applaud them for not being slaves to the groupthink of their respective communities. I would considerate it a privilege to be able to sit with them and exchange ideas about a variety of topics. These 3 are David Brooks, a columnist with the New York Times (the most pragmatic person I regard), Professor Cornel West (the most truthful person I respect), and my current favorite, Womanist writer and poet Kola Boof (the most real writer I admire).

I love me some Kola Boof. I ordered her autobiography “Diary of a Lost Girl” and am anticipating getting right into it. I have been reading a number of her essays at Womanist Musings and I want to share a few I found tantalizing:

  1. Dishonesty about Race – an American Social Reflex
  2. Banned by Black Men
  3. How to Make Generations
  4. Why I Love America