It did not require osteric or astrological mighty to tell that Libyan strongman, Muammar Gaddaffi, would shamefully and rapidly fall from gracce. It’s just the matter of reading signs of time when imperialistic NATO offered to take on Gadaffi. For those who either were there or remember the brutal death of Samuel Kanyon Doe, former Liberian tyrant on 9 September 1990, will agree with us that dictators are insane and myopic people. To know what I mean, who would expect a masculine guy like Gaddafi to wear a wig? Maybe, these creatures live in their own imaginative interstellar, even lagoon nebulae world, but not in this practical world we know. That’s why they see things in a deceptional and different ways. When Doe was brutally mutilated, tortured and ultimately killed before the cameras, many thought this would be a lesson to other dictators. But it did not become.

For reminder, Doe brutally killed former Liberian long time benevolent dictator, William Tolbert and his thirteen member of cabinet were publicly executed a few days after the coup. He dumped their bodies in quarries. Soon after grabbing power, Doe brutally killed Thomas Quiwonkpa, the then Commanding General of the Armed Force of Liberia, who was mutilated by Krahn soldiers under orders from Doe himself. Thenceforth, Doe became a butcherer of Liberians till the day he was made to pay dearly.

The sad story of Doe was revived by the recent capturing and later summarily execution of another longtime Libyan tyrant Gaddafi, on 20th October 2011 after committing countless atrocities. What is important is the similarity and lessons of the two killings of dictators. They’re all brutal that ended shamefully and brutally, and were felled by the people they used to rule ruthlessly. Once again, the office of president was degraded by a mere common man. He who lives by sword dies of sword.

The irony though is a tyrant like Gadaffi liked to be referred to as a beloved brotherly leader of Libya. Just like any other dictator, in dream and deception, Gadaffi was a beloved and brotherly leader. In reality though, it was opposite as his killing shows. This is the lunatic and megalomaniac who shamelessly told the world that Libyans loved him and were ready to die for him, little knowing they were ready to butcher him as it happened. This is after the nudity of his macabre rule was exposed.

Gaddafi went a mile ahead calling protesters drugged rats and roaches he were to massively kill without knowing his day were numbered. Though dicators deceive themselves that they are powerful compared to a common man and woman in the
street, the truth is vice versa surely, especially when the pent-up anger and vengeance of hoi polloi swell and explode. Who thought that a tyrant of Gadaffi caliber would be butchered by a group of young people the age of his children and grand children? What sane person can think about doing this to icons like Nelson Mandela or Sam Nujoma?

What transpired recently in Sirte, the birthplace for Gaddafi, speaks volumes when it comes to flushing dictators out. In a nutshell, Gaddafi was beaten to death like a chicken thief when he was captured and later felled. But how many have taken a note of it? How many dictators are still out there hallucinating that what befell Gaddafi cannot occur to them? So many, of course one may say.

Africa is currently full of dictators waiting to be toppled. Where are they? Logically, any country that has a ruler who has been in power for more than ten years it must understand it is under dictatorship. This is a simple criterion.

Robert Guei, former Ivorien dictator also died in a very mysterious way. He died along with his wife and other member of family in September 19, 2002. Guei’s punishment, apart from dying in mysterious circumstances, was his body to remain in the morgue for years. For, he was buried in August 18, 2006 almost four years after his death. What a curse!

What makes dictators think that they cannot be toppled and end up being killed brutally, as in the cases of Doe and Gadaffi, is another face of the ending of other former dictators who escaped the wrath of hoi polloi. This group includes Mobutu Seseseko of former Zaire currently DRC, Idd Amin (Uganda), Zine Abdel Din of Tunisia and Charles Taylor who is in custody in The Hague waiting to be tried for atrocities he committed against his people.

Jean-Bedel Bokassa, former Central African Republic self made king, died in the custody after being toppled. Like Gadaffi, Bokassa died a shameful death, although it did not result from being brutally killed. He died a pauper after squandering all the monies he had stashed abroad during the stint he spent in France before handing himself over after bankruptcy struck him badly.

Mohamad Siad Barre, former Somali strongman also died in exile in January 2, 1995 after being overthrown. His legacy is the failed state of Somalia.

Apart from sitting dictators, other bloodsuckers who faced the same fate of shameful death are Foday Saybana Sankoh the butherer of Siera Leone. Under his ragtag organization, Revolutionary United Front (RUF), Sankor killed over 50,000 as over 500,000 were displaced, not to mention thousands who were maimed, amputated and disfigured. After committing sacrilegious brutality to his nation, he died of stroke in July 29, 2003 in custody waiting for trial.

The open secret and a lesson from the crumbling of dictators aforementioned are that they live in an artificial and invisible warp that is not seen till they are brought down in whatever manner, be it noble or ignoble. When a moth self-commits to death by fire, there is another one preparing itself to suffer the same fate.Who will follow between Bashar and Bashir? May he be Saleh in Yemen or Bouteflika? Time will surely tell.

How many are bracing to become tomorrow’s dictators as they sire others? This is the world full of wonders.

Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.