The late Puerto Rican song writer, Tito Curet Alonso, composer of about 2000 salsa songs, gave us some memorable songs. Here the late Puerto Rican Sonero Mayor, Ismael Rivera sings one of Curet’s most beautiful and inspiring song : Las Caras Lindas de mi Gente Negra – The Beautiful Faces of my Black people. Mr. Rivera in this song talks about how proud he is of his black race. He says that black people are sweet as pure molasses. Ismael Rivera often visited Portobelo, Panama, home of the Black Christ of Portobelo and in this song he mentions how beautiful the black people of Portobelo are.

The legendary Cuban singer, Cela Cruz, the Queen of Salsa, adds her rendition of Las Caras Lindas de mi Gente Negra.

Un cordial saludo a todos,