A fascinating 9 part series on the experiences of African migrants, mostly undocument workers, in various European countries. As an immigrant to Canada myself, I identify with some of these personal experiences.

In the late 50’s, early 60’s, my parents travelled to England to study and lay the foundation for “a better life”. They were not only looking to better their lot in life, but to also help family members back in Jamaica, as well as be in an environment where my sisters and I had the best opportunities to succeed in life. I remember the stories they told about their experiences in England at the time and when they came to Canada in the early 60’s. It wasn’t easy for them at all and they followed the legal, prescribed route to immigration to these countries.

It’s ironic that my sisters and their kids, who are born in Canada, are continually asked where they are from! In some ways, although they are not immgrants, they still suffer the immigrant experience!

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