I saw this documentary on Sis Deb’s blog. Knowledgeable and inspiring!

I also added this comment to her post:

Sis Deb, thanks for posting this. I had not heard of this documentary before and I was certainly “shaking my head in the affirmative” throughout. I was inspired by the hard work, sacrifice and tenacity of the people profiled. I celebrate all their successes, professional and personal.

As a people we need engage in all sectors of an economy and not [only] ghetto-ize ourselves in the arts or social services [I should have also added “sports” in this list]. We can all use our talents to contribute to our overall advancement. However, like all people everywhere, there are those of us who are in it only for themselves and although it may not be right, from a collective perspective, it’s okay, ’cause regardless of these selfish individuals, if we keep our eyes on the collective prize and do the work, we can make a positive difference in the actual and real lives of others.