A Guinean mathematician solves 270-year-old conjecture

Ibrahima Diallo Sambegou is the 1st African mathematician of the modern era to have developed a theorem. The 35 year old Guinean mathematical researcher and journalist was able to find the solution to the Goldbach Conjectur.

This mathematical problem has been laid there over 270 years by the Russian mathematician Christian Goldbach, guardian of Tsar Peter II and official in the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 1742, he sent a letter to his contemporary Leonhard Euler in which he made out that “every even number greater than 2 can be written as the sum of two primes.”

It took 14 years of work by the Guinean young mathematician before arriving at the solution. Sambegou has knocked on all doors to validate his work. Faced with a lack of support in his country, he decided to go to The Institute of Mathematics in Dakar, Senegal to validate the results of his research.

He hopes to find support to be the first African contemporary to have developed a theorem.

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