Read and listen Black people!

The success of the student isn’t predicated on whether or not the teacher believes in the student. That’s horse shit. Student success depends on parental involvement. I know the blue birds understand this. Now let me break it down for the buzzards: No child fails K – 3. It’s the parents who fail and must repeat the grade along with their children.

Let me break it down one mo’ again. Find any school. Find any parent who has a child in that school and volunteers at least 10 hours a month. Fuck it. 5 hours. That’s a little more than an hour a week. Maybe you come in twice a month and read to the kids, restock library books, patrol the hallways, whatever. From that list find the children who are failing. I’ll wait. Are you starting to get it? That’s it. That’s all you got to do. Be involved. And until that is our focus you can expect crop after crop of crap.

Ben Carson talked about his mother putting checks next to good points on his papers. She was functionally ILLITERATE! Do you see what she was doing for him? This cheating scandal and the subsequent commentary has me on a rant again. All this talk about the kids being hapless pawns, not getting the education they deserved, etc. I’m sure the lawsuits are in the works. These kids, for the most part, are getting the exact education they deserve. They are getting out of it what they and their parents put in to it. Check this out: I don’t even know half of you on my friend list, but I can tell from the things some of you post that you’re not the brightest bulbs. I can see this without even meeting you. But you have a kid that lives with you and you had no idea that your kid CAN’T READ! You have no idea your kid is in a gang. You have no idea your kid is an asshole at school. But I can talk to your kid for five minutes and have a good idea where they are in terms of grade level and, more importantly, in terms of attitude. And I know…yousa too stupid to undastand what dey is learning. ARE YOU READING THIS??!! Then you can do what was done for Ben Carson.

Maybe you can’t understand your son’s biology homework, but you can see if he’s bringing the work home, right? How about this? “Hey son, what are you studying right now? Chapter 11? Well then, tell me about it.” You don’t have to be an expert on mitosis just go to the chapter and ask him to define some key words. “Hey son, define prophase for me. I don’t think that’s right. I think you’re talking about a prophylactic. I was asking about the first phase of cell division.”

Do that periodically. If your kid shows himself to be a dumbass throughout the year, then how in the fuck do you think he passed a standardized test? Maybe he’s really a genius who smokes weed, gets suspended and got straight F’s because he wasn’t being challenged. That’s a possibility. Or maybe they just wanted to get rid of his ass without getting caught up in his vortex of failure you as a parent created for him since the day he or she was born. Maybe they were just hoping to make him someone else’s problem until s/he is old enough to become state property.

The educational system is like triage during the Civil War. Instead of gangrene, it has been shortened to gangs. Once they see the signs, they’re trying to saw that shit out and save the patient (the rest of the class). I get it. Teachers don’t want their livelihood to be dependent on some knucklehead (or several of them), who should be at the psych ward instead of their classroom. Teachers want to teach the content of their course, not their course and the two others that preceded it. No one is being honest about the problem and the root cause of it. Well, no one but me and a few other brave souls. For fuck’s sake, get a clue, people. I don’t even want to continue this anymore.

End Rant.

BlackYo Da