I’ve never been down with Tim Wise. Unlike a lot of African-American commentators who considered him an ally and raised him upon the pedestal of the “good white man”, I found nothing in his self declared white anti-racist mission hustle that I considered sincere. I saw him and it for what it was: exploiting, appropriating and profiting from the oppression and injustices faced by Black people, while making White people feel good about themselves via the privilege of their white guilt complex. I previously laid this all out here: Tim Wise and The Privilege of White Guilt.

It appears that the dazzlement is beginning to dim and more and more of my African-American brothers and sisters are beginning to see his true light. When I read these two articles at Black Agenda Report, here and here, I saw that the shine was indeed starting to come off Mr. Wise. Then I read this recent article at gradient lair, including the links within the article pertaining to Mr. Wise. I recommend you read them all… eye opening!

A former friend of mine once stated: “time takes time”. Time is certainly catching up with Tim Wise… and his hustle, like all fads… is getting old.