Mission Statement

“Whatever in the world is to be done, will be done. The question is whether it will be done by you or done to you.” 

We live in a forced collective. Hear me out.

This gathering of people of African descent — whether born in the U.S. or Africa or elsewhere, whether descendants of slaves or free men, whether rich or indigent –this gathering arises out of a need for self-determination and a history of forced subordination and removed relativity to an abstract outsider. We face each other under a banner of survivalist solidarity because regardless of our differences — whether they be our sexualities, our disabilities, our religions or our interests — we are viewed as one. What jerks at one of us sends tremors through all of us. So we need to understand each other.

This space is an area to gather our thoughts — thoughts that we do not or should not expect to mesh into a single river of black unity. Thoughts that we do not write to bolster our Afro-credibility. Thoughts that may seem contradictory at times. We come together to share what we think works best for us as people who have had our fates forcibly woven together. As human beings, however, this weaving can read as a blessing or a curse. These writings, presented by a variety of different perspectives of those cut from the African cloth, intend to explore the mountains and the valleys of the landscape of being a person of African descent. 

What does being a person of African descent mean?  How does it guide individual and collective politics? Does it influence the formation of identity? Should we abandon identity altogether? What problems do we face, and what clear goals should we set to solve them? When should we band together? When should we break apart? Where should our priorities lie? This think tank does not claim any political affiliation; it does not claim any religion; it does not profess any specific philosophy as the guidepost for our people.  Here, we unite to teach and to listen, to share and to withhold, to grow and to develop into people we pride within this forced unifier. We aim to loosen the restraints of these perceptive chains and to join our hands in unity — but only if we choose to do so. 

These stories and ideas are thoughts of action, of ambition, of revelation, and of courage within our collective AfroSphere. We want to be interactive with those who share the above vision and want to add a positive contribution, i.e., their stories and ideas to this collective. We welcome interaction through comments, posts and essays. We will utilize the voices of guest contributors.

However, we will have a zero tolerance policy on comments whose goal is to sow dissention, engages in personal attacks and/or attempts to demonize others because of their beliefs and/or opinions. Only positive criticisms, analysis and comments that educate, enlighten and edify will be allowed. This does not mean that we are only looking for those who will agree with our points of view. Far from it. However we are creating a space where discussion, discourse and debate can be exchanged in a respectful environment.

Welcome to AfroSpear. Share your insight.

19 thoughts on “Mission Statement”

  1. Grace and peace,

  2. Nice…

  3. I found you through metafilter.org, the concept is nice, and I’d have to dig a bit and read but I have to give you props…..It’s nice to see POC out and about on the WWW range…

  4. TruthCJV said:

    Thanks for your Spirit.We have meant by accident but Truth Be Told I having been searching for YOU. l am looking forward to signing in occasionally and sharing my thoughts. TY

  5. Kizzie asked me to pay you a visit. I’m glad I did.

  6. This is why I love the AfroSpear. Whether I am on the right or left side of an issue, I am still part of the majority. I must check by more often.

  7. I am honored to be among you all.

  8. This is a beautiful thing. We are the majority. Always will be. We are the Leaders. Always will be. We are the trend setters. Always will be. We are Beautiful. Always will be. _ Mahoganee

  9. “people of African descent” what a great way to be inclusive it means even I can be here – and here seems like a good place as I read along. Wow.


  10. Thank you for creating this wonderful forum. I am eager to join this inspiring collective. Please check out my blog at http://www.socialangst.blogspot.com. Thank you!

  11. interracialpower said:

    Good stuff

  12. am ayoung guy, am 18 years and l think africa should unite against our ememis . if l may put it that way, what l mean is . is about time africa leaders have to site and reaso on how to unite africa so we can have our pease from this wicked so call white people , they always want to see us killing our self . and influencse afica leaders on how to corupst their owm country , well l have alot to say but time will not permit me that miles ahead, l want to add here . enoch avettey from ghana

  13. Unequivocal, unconditional, undeniably Blacksonville.com. I AM therefore WE are; and because WE are, therefor I AM.

  14. Good to find this weblog. I’m hoping to connect with Black bloggers everywhere!

  15. Was just introduced to the site on account of transformer Movie. Wow! I’m inspired by your mission statement and hope you and your supporters keep up the good work. I’ll “definitely” buy the bootleg of transformers!!!

  16. Sundjata said:

    Man, how do we join this network?

  17. Clarence said:

    My grandsons inquiries to me concerning African Savannas somehow brought me to AfroSpear. What little I have read has gotten me hooked. It’s so hard sometimes to sit and have a good old fashion conversation with your peers. I can’t wait to read more.
    I will be passing this web site on.


  18. Michael D.Brant said:

    I am a DoEr ! Lets Be about it !!
    Glad you are here !
    Peace Family !!

  19. Oops!
    I missed some points. Please feel free to delete the first version of this message and post this one instead. Thanks in advance.


    “However, we will have a zero tolerance policy on comments whose goal is to sow dissention, engages in personal attacks and/or attempts to demonize others because of their beliefs and/or opinions. Only positive criticisms, analysis and comments that educate, enlighten and edify will be allowed.”

    Hi, I haven’t been here in a while. And most likely it’s clear to you that I don’t comment or participate in discussions.

    No matter. I was visiting this morning and decided that I’d actually read (re-read) your mission statement. It makes a lot of sense. I appreciated it and will most likely be posting it to my blog in the very near future with a link back to all of you here.

    The only part I’d have to say I have issue with is the part I have in quotations up above.

    It’s ambiguous.
    Here’s what I mean…
    For some people anyone asking questions that makes people uncomfortable, that casts the group in a bad light is sowing dissent.

    For some people asking someone to be accountable for their actions and to take responsibility for inflicting harm or being oppressive is a personal attack.

    For some people attempting to start conversations about oppression inside our ranks (not from without) is demonizing those who hold privilege and wield it without shame or consciousness because of their beliefs as related to things like their constructed positions in class, academic, economic, sexuality, gender, relationship/family configuration, linguistic, citizenship, global hierarchies which, to my mind, are big blind areas of oppression inside our communities.

    For some people tackling an issue head on, naming it, breaking silence around it and requesting that it be addressed rather than be avoided is being negative.

    What I’m getting at here is that without an analysis of power and domination inside our forced collective, where it is mutually and collectively understood that there are “haves” and “have nots”, people with privilege and those who are subjugated by those with privilege, the words you’ve written up above might be mistakenly construed as extremely liberal and not at all grounded in the project of conscientizing and liberating us from the imposed systems of power and dominance that hold us in place and push us down.

    I’d propose a change in language that acknowledges the differences between us and the request that those places where our experiences diverge due to unearned privilege or oppression not be used against us to silence us as we attempt to throw off shackles not just on the outside but also inside our own backyard, as well.

    Happy new year. Be well middle passage sibs.

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