According to news reports, gender tests ordered by the IAAF for the South African 800 meter world champion, has determined that technically she’s a hermaphrodite. The tests found that Ms. Semenya has internal males testes, the male sex organ that produces testosterone, the hormone that is responsible for building muscle, producing body hair and a deep voice. The tests also revealed that she has no womb or ovaries. Depending on the reports you read, the IAAF may or may not strip Ms. Semenya of the gold medal she won, however they are certain that the IAAF will disqualify her from future events.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of this controversy for Ms. Semenya, however I doubt it. This whole affair is no longer about her as she has become of a “pawn” in this circus. The results, if true, has political, social as well as international implications. Although, I may now have to reconsider my position that the gender test by the IAAF was racially motivated, my support for Ms. Semenya hasn’t wavered. In fact, I am proud of the way this African sister has handled all the controversy… with dignity and class.

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