I once listened to Dr. Myles Munroe preach and he talked about how the cemetery is the richest place on earth because billions of brilliant unfulfilled dreams are buried there. If you’re anything like me or the billions buried, the problem is not having a dream. The problem is being strong enough to fulfill them.

My mother has some amazing herbal medicinal recipes and they are certified by the most credible body of my country. I have great plans for them but the truth is, I have done nothing significant about them for the past 8 years.

Recently, the Lord spoke to my heart. He gave me a new perspective on a scripture I have known for years; Proverbs 26:13 “The lazy man says, ‘There is a lion in the way’”. I had to pause and ask if I was the one the Lord was talking to. “I’m not lazy? I just don’t have expertise in this field neither do I have the money to put into it”, I thought.

God showed me a few things that might help you break out of your self imposed boundaries too:

First of all, THERE IS NO LION IN THE WAY. This is hard truth; and you’re not the first person to give God excuses either.

When God called Moses, the lonely, bored shepherd gave every excuse in the book why he couldn’t go. It’s true that Pharaoh was ruling in Egypt. It’s true Pharaoh was evil. It’s true Pharaoh wanted to kill him. It’s true the Jews didn’t know who Jehovah was. It’s true Moses was a stammerer. Moses, undeniably, had strong reasons but  what he hadn’t factored into the equation, was the “hand of God”. With our God, all things are possible that is why we are called to walk by faith and not by sight.

Remember when Jesus asked his disciples to feed the crowd? What did they say? They said it will take 8 months salary to feed all the people. They too, forgot they were talking to The Great Source of everything that is good and perfect. Jesus showed them, that with God, all it takes is 5 loaves and 2 fishes.

Can you bring your fears to Jesus and trade them for His word and promises? Remember He is faithful and He will accomplish what He says He will do.

During the three and half years of famine in the years of Elijah, God didn’t give Elijah food where he was. He sent the food ahead of him to where he is supposed to be. God always sends His provision ahead of us; that is why we cannot make our decisions, based on the physical evidence available. His word is always superior to our reality.

God told Elijah to go to the brook Cherith where He’d ordered some ravines to feed him. If Elijah had stayed where he he was, he’d have starved to death. Another time, God said to him, go to Zarephath, I have chosen a widow there to feed you. Your provision is ahead of you. Move.

What does this teach us? That all God needs from us, is a step of faith. Take your first steps towards your dream and you’ll discover there is no lion after all.

God calls us “lazy” in this context because to His mind, He has provided everything we need. So if we have everything we need but aren’t doing anything about it, what should He call us?

My friend, let us stop being lazy. Let us take God by His word and beat the life out of every single dream we have. Go fulfill your calling and dream today. God bless you.