Before being booted out of power, Libyan tyrant, Muammar Gadaffi, lived a deceptive life by sleeping in the tent as symbol of simplicity and likeness with common Libyans. Before falling from grace, no common citizen had ever peeped in the mansions of his children despite being built and kept by the taxes of the common man and woman. Common people were not allowed to get close to these highly guarded villas, Gadaffi’s children used to either live in or use in summer.

Gadaffi’s deception is a typical replica of the lives of the relatives of African presidents. Though they rub shoulders with common people during campaigns, once they ascend to power, they deny the hoi polloi access even to the state houses under the pretext of security. Is the security concern or fear of opening their secrets, especially the high life they live?

Libyans did not know the guy they use to refer to as a beloved leader, lived in a manmade paradise whilst the majority lived in penury! So too, Libyans did not know that Gadaffi’s children lived like billionaires, despite doing nothing except allocating themselves some unconstitutional positions thanks to their father’s presidency. Indeed, Libyans did not know that Gadaffi was travelling on the extra and utra luxurious jet full of expensive gadgets. His was well and more furnished than that of the president of the richest nation on earth, Air Force One, US presidential jet.

One thing is obvious. Libyans knew Gadaffi robbed money he used to squander in many African countries in the name of spreading Islam through unification of Africa and buying leverage from destitute African rulers. Libyans knew this too well. Those who tried to stand in his way saw the gallows. Those who supported this megalomia are now heading for gallows, shall the new regime decided so. While Gadaffi did all this to and for Africa, he did not regard himself an “African”. When cornered the vulture cries the wolf. Gadaffi was an Arab, till Arab League abandoned him at the very moment of need. He was quoted as thus in March: “From today I am not an Arab but an African.” This racist remarks came after Gadaffi threatened Europe that he would deludge it with “ignorant Africans” running away from poverty.

For the first time, Africans who goofed thinking Gadaffi was an African, got their message clearly and bruntly. Despite this insult, African rulers did not hate or love him except his petrodollars. Either they ignored him or he outsmarted them, when he invited them to yum-yum and whiffs of money in his home town of Sirte in the name of African Unification. Gadaffi’s extravagance in the name of Africa and Islam is costing Africa dearly. The new regime has openly shown hatred to African countries as its quid pro quo for supporting Gadaffi.

In essence, just like other African potantates, Gadaffi was a good swindler and hypocrite. He was able to extravagate billions of dollars building many mosques whilst he kept idols as opposed to Islam he served. How could Gadaffi be a good, even a normal Muslim whilst his house was full of idols glorifying him as oppsed to Islam? How would he be able to steal money to buy golden idols like Nebuchadnezzar and at the same time remain a Muslim? How would he be a Muslim by surrounding himself with women as opposed to Islamic code that does not allow women and men to mix?

The irony is AU and Muslims that used to benefit from Gadaffi’s charity were not ready to tell him the truth. How would they cut the hand that used to feed them even if it was dirty? Muslims can defend themselves that they did not know Gadaffi was keeping idols. What of this open secret of being accompanied by lady bodyguards?Another irony is the fact that when Gadaffi was overpowered, the same blind Muslim leaders were heard inspiring their fellowers to pray for him. It was too late and this is hypocrisy for the other side of beneficiaries of looted money.

After all, Gadaffi will remember AU for one thing, it did not abandon him at the time of need when the whole world was against him. Why didn’t AU recognize National Transitional Council of Libya? The answer is simple that most of African rulers were on Gadaffi’s payroll and they are like Gadaffi waiting for what happened to him, to happen to them. Therefore they woud not support the same weapon that is directed to them.

What do you think of the rulers of Algeria, Burkinafaso, Chad, Congo, DRC, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Gambia, Morocco, Mauritania, Rwanda, Togo, Sudan Kaskazini, Uganda and Zimbabwe? Can presidents of aforelisted countries laugh at Gadaffi or avoid what befell him if their citizenry decided to get rid of dictators? If they do, well, it will be madness of its kind.

Gadaffi’s true self reveals the true self of African rulers who live more posh lives than those financing them. The presidents of rich countries do not have as many bodyguards or long motorcades as African tyrants have. African rulers lack vision and good plans. They only know how to exploit and rob their hoi polloi.

It is sad for people like Gadaffi to accuse the West for the miseries of African people who are suffering, while they are the authors of all these miseries. Libyans reached at the point where they could go without salaries while Gadaffi and his dynasty were extravagating!

Although Gadaffi liked to be referred to as beloved leader, he was but a common thug who hijacked his people for over four decades. His African counterparts should brace themselves for what happened to Gadaffi. The time for turning all stone is coming. Who will survive it in Africa? How many African tyrants have allowed their offices to be a family business where their wives, children and friends robs the way they deem fit? The end is approaching. Those with ears should heed this.

Nkwazi Mhango is a Tanzanian living in Canada. He writes regularly for “The African Executive” and also has a blog entitled “Free Thinking Unabii”. He is a regular contributor to AfroSpear.